Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Texas Secession- Cheaper Than Lawsuits

Since the coronation of Lord Obama in 2009, Texas has sued the US Regime 43 times over various executive orders and bureaucratic rulings, costing the tax serfs nearly $6 million.

The statist media, of course, examines such actions from the perspective of whether tax serfs are getting their money’s worth. They question whether the State of Texas fighting such edicts is in the best interest of its subjects. After all, to them, The Regime always knows best. Or they judge the worthiness of such action by looking at the won/loss record- Is Texas at least winning more of these lawsuits than losing?

However, from a liberty minded perspective, the large number of lawsuits can be viewed as necessary, defensive counter attacks to aggression and interference committed by The Regime. Our DC rulers see no limit to their unjust obstruction or intervention in every imaginable area of Texas life.

Look at the list: Voting, redistricting, immigration, air quality, health, power generation, water quality, land use, business hiring practices, employee benefits packages, energy company regulations, education funding, banking, fishing, and of course everyone’s favorite- forcing Texas schools to accommodate male organ-equipped, pee-pee perverts who want to use the girl’s restroom. And these are just the list of defensive actions necessary since 2009! All can be described as direct attacks against Texas sovereignty.

Such attacks bring up my eternal question: Why do we need a “US?” Why does Texas or anyone need to be affiliated with a Regime that offers nothing in return for one’s loyalty and servitude than constant hindering and even outright obstruction of every individual and collective activity? What value can such a political affiliation have when you must constantly defend, resist, and even battle against its constant interventionism; not to mention its structural parasitism and predation.

The US Regime repeatedly proves itself nothing more than a war mongering death cult. It intervenes in the affairs of other nations with murderous wars committed by its obedient military, counting scalps to determine its effectiveness. It intervenes in the affairs of its subjects “at home” by steadfast meddling, regulation, and ultimately, domination- reshaping the culture to more easily complete its sordid agendas of mastery and enslavement.

In either situation, The Regime’s attitude is obey and comply….or suffer the consequences. Why put up with it? Had enough, Texans?

Secession, anyone? Or are you terrified of freedom?
Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

  No masters


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