Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Ultimate Statist Meme

Yes, a humorous phrase at first sight and a sentiment with which one can empathize. But it also exposes an underlying disorder common to believers. Whatever psychopath claims to be your ruler is irrelevant. Realize the irrationality of becoming so emotionally involved in such claims that you allow it to define your existence. Allowing yourself to be subject to this disorder grants psychopaths the necessary power to control your spirit, motivation, and even your self-worth and self-identity.

If you feel a need to “vote” to express yourself, do so with your feet and your money, rather than ballots backed by bullets, electing tyrants chosen by majority mobs. Do it with the choices you make, not with the limited choices offered by such a ruler.

Don’t allow the existence of such tyrants to discourage your life’s purpose- to explore, to create, and to self-actualize. And most certainly, don’t permit yourself to care which of the cast of tyrants (differing in name only) occupies that seat of illegitimate power.

“We have become so conditioned to looking beyond ourselves – whether to gods, philosopher-kings, political leaders, or state systems – that we ignore our personal responsibility for what we, as a species, have become. Those who manage the political machinery have encouraged – even insisted upon – our entwining ourselves with mutually exclusive, clashing abstractions with such fervor as to render it difficult to become disentangled from their seductive imagery. Whether the abstraction with which we identify ourselves is endangered or benefited; experienced as an embarrassment or an achievement, becomes a reflection upon our sense of being. To illustrate just how inseparable these personal and institutional identities can be, try describing yourself without making reference to ‘ego boundary’ abstractions. You begin to experience the difficulties provided by the caterpillar’s persistent question in Alice in Wonderland: ‘who are you?’”
Butler Shaffer

Statist slaves prefer "Giant Meteor 2016.".

Liberty Lovers prefer NOBODY! 2016."

Remember, the problem is not who occupies the office, it's the existence of the office, itself, that is the problem.

And the choice of despot who occupies such an autocratic position is certainly not worth killing yourself over.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


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