Friday, June 26, 2015

Charleston Murders- The Rise of Willing Slaves

Beyond the obvious idiocy of blaming guns, racism, flags, and the unregulated internet for the multiple murders in Charleston, I’ve observed other disturbing behavior from sympathizers and their post-murder behavior.

Have you noticed how these “professional victims” literally revel in the misery created by such an event? I mean those who go way beyond the standard mourning activity. I’m speaking of people who wrap themselves in their collective misery like a soothing, protective cocoon. I’ve witnessed this multiple times when such a disturbing event occurs.

The media is all too willing to publicize their depressing, candle holding, fervid, sniveling- hoping to inspire guilt in those who had nothing to do with the murders (meaning in this case, all white people, gun owners, and southern nationalists).

It’s easier to whine, moan, and excessively grieve, rather than take definitive action toward finally taking responsibility for your own protection.

It’s easier to beg for help and defense from a political master rather then train yourself and others to resist predation from other individuals.

It’s easier to soothe your grief by directing anger at innocent people and inanimate objects rather than be enraged that these victims were not allowed or restricted by their political masters to arm themselves.

It’s easier, and even encouraged, to bow to the ground and chant prayers to the sky rather than make use of that amazing, earthly organ within your skull.

And all this behavior is indicative and characteristic of those who choose to live their lives as slaves- and even morbidly celebrate that fact.

Do they react with outrage that their political masters frown on such individual defense and responsibility? No, they beg for still more controls, authoritarianism, and "solutions" that further enslave individuals.

“Never again,” they scream, thinking such a collective demand will automatically be satisfied. But without subsequent individual change and action, such exclamations ring hollow, indeed.
Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


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