Wednesday, July 3, 2013

‘Independence Day’- A Collectivist Ruse

“Independence Day” in the US Collective has very little to do with individual liberty. It’s best to ignore it. The event marks the time in history when the US nation state (as it existed at that time) seceded and disengaged from the British nation state. Those involved collectively declared that the ruling British nation state no longer had any ruling authority over those individuals then residing in North America and claimed by the British throne to be its subjects.

Was this an improvement in the “liberty status” of those affected? Most certainly. But personal independence was still not achieved. What essentially occurred is that those enslaved under the British throne rejected one master, only to replace it with a new master. That new master has since evolved into one of the most tyrannical in world history.

No real “independence” occurred, as relates to the individual. The net result of such an event, despite all the energy expended and blood shed, is that free-born individuals swapped one ruling tyrant for another.

True “independence” will not occur until each sovereign individual is self-ruled and personally autonomous, whether after a calamitous collapse of the existing nation state(s) or a “succession of secessions” which lead to such an autonomy.

Then a new, more meaningful “Independence Day” can be declared by you- and on any day you, an independent, self-directed individual, deems worthy.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters


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