Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They're Coming for YOU, Now

Obama’s hired assassins are leaving Iraq in droves. This is certainly good news for Iraqis who have suffered over eight years of war, brutal attacks, occupation, torture, rape and plunder initiated by the US Empire. However, now it’s time for us abused serfs residing in the Homeland who must fear the future.

Yes, some of these warriors will be shuttled on to new killing fields in Syria, Iran, and Africa. But now that The Emperor has the power to use his military to kidnap and hold indefinitely any dissident he pleases, many of these relocated grunts will be locked and loaded to “serve” on our neighborhood streets.

Many others, who have mercifully survived their period of state enslavement, will become civilians. A significant number of these folks will wander the streets, totally unprepared to function within a civil society that frowns on coercive relationships and violent solutions. Others will become the civilian jackboot version of their military identities, cruising the streets enforcing all manner of illegitimate “laws” and regulations- some made up on the spot. They’ll have a keen eye, sharpened by combat experience, for identifying easy targets from which to extract much needed revenue.

Can these misfits be persuaded to do otherwise? Can they be encouraged to live their lives not as violent, obedient servants but as self-directed, enlightened individuals, seeking a life of peace and productivity? Can they be rehabilitated? I have to believe some can. By all means, approach them with such intent. But be wary.

I honestly don’t look forward to a day when these folks come calling, sweeping through neighborhoods and snatching individuals. Some will refuse such duty. But how many will? Will the numbers be sufficient to render their master’s politically impotent? We can only hope. The alternative is seeing your family, friends, and neighbors caged in gulags and torture chambers and the streets littered with the carcasses of dead soldier boys.

What’s that? Did you assume there would be no resistance?

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