Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Governments are like primitive cannibals feasting on a great treasure trove of sheeple. You can't force them out, and you can't vote them out. But you can sure as hell starve them out. When enough people pick up and leave, essentially voting with their feet, it accelerates the system crash.
This is the only way to truly change the system.”
Simon Black

“The Occupy movement, much like the Tea Party before it, has been co-opted and turned into a partisan distraction. Popular anger is inappropriately redirected against the other half of the population, rather than against the ideas of government which have brought us to this state. By continuing to blame figureheads and people instead of institutions and ideas, we guarantee that the future will be as bleak as the present. I weep for future generations.”
Kaiser Leib

“The constant barrage of ‘Thank you for your service’ and ‘We thank our veterans’ is enough to make me ill. There has been no "service" and I have no ownership interest in any ‘veterans.’
People working for a mass-murdering psychopath are not to be thanked, even if they thought they were doing good. Naive intentions may matter, but the end results are extremely important, too.”
Ken McManigal

“Nothing interesting happened in the realm of religion this week. It was only the usual Catholic priests molesting children, Islamists murdering Christians, Hindus murdering Muslims, and Christian American military personnel murdering Afghanis and Pakistanis while their families at home wave the flag proudly and call the soldiers “heroes.” And then the soldiers come home to America and commit suicide in the largest numbers in history. Perhaps the Prince of Peace has been misunderstood.”
Russell Longcore

"Why should either two men live at the discretion of three, or three at the discretion of two. Both propositions are absurd from a reasonable point of view. If being a slave and owning a slave are both wrong relations, what different does it make whether there are a million slave owners and one slave, or one slave owner and a million slaves? Do robbery and murder cease to be what the are if done by ninety-nine percent of the population?"
Auberon Herbert

“The ultimate 'bargaining' toll of the state is the threat of violence- which its devotees believe is the cement that holds society together. To the extent political mandates conflict with the expectations of members of the community to have their property claims respected, social discord will ensue. Over time, a politically-grounded society infects the community in destructive ways, as fear, force, confrontation, punishments, and other socially discordant practices manage to trickle down into all levels of social conduct.”
Butler Shaffer

“Natural patriotism may be defined as follows: an automatic and wholly uncritical, instinctive attachment for hereditary or traditional ways of life which are collectively accepted, and an equally automatic and instinctive hostility toward any other way of living. It is love for one’s own, and a hatred for everything foreign…”
Mikhail Bakunin

“Tyrants are convinced that their own personal philosophy is correct for everyone, and they demand, with the threat of violence, that everyone emulate and obey the Positive Law as set forth by their personal philosophies. Representative governments claim that somehow, the majority can combine their distinct personal philosophies together to form some sort of composite personal philosophy that everyone must obey. These positive laws are then enforced with the threat of violence, just as in the case with tyrants.
Subjective political philosophies based on personal decree, backed by force, is the stuff of which governments are made, whether that government is tyrannical, representative, or anything in between.”


“Here is the soul of the American approach to existence, bottomless self-admiration devoid of knowledge or curiosity, wrapped like a psychic burrito in the patriotism of overwrought middle-schoolers. And there are many, many of them.”
Fred Reed
From the Darkness:
“Without the ‘nanny' state we would be in serious trouble. More people would die on the roads or smoke themselves to an early grave; more would be maimed by defective consumer goods, and conned by false and misleading advertising; and more toddlers would drown in backyard swimming pools.
...Yes, we have reason to be thankful that governments sometimes legislate in ways that infringe on our liberties. Personal responsibility is too flimsy a bulwark against the forces of irresponsible, laissez-faire capitalism.”
Adele Horin, The Sydney Morning Herald

“This is a deep concern for me. I know others disagree, but we have very lax laws when it comes to guns. My concern is that there’s been a lot said about Fast and Furious, and perhaps mistakes were made. But I think this hunt for blame doesn’t really speak about the problem. And the problem is, anybody can walk in and buy anything.”
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, blaming individual gun owners for violence rather than the ineptitude of the BATFE

"The purpose of the new program would be to increase the demand of Christmas Trees in the United States."
From an order issued by the U.S. Agriculture Department which imposes a 15 cent Christmas tree assessment to study the promotion of Christmas tree sales

"They [Occupy Dallas protestors] need to be safe. There are kids in that camp; that's not safe. When police get hurt, that's not safe. When citizens potentially get hurt, that's not safe. So, safety first; freedom of speech second."
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, pulling the usual “safety over freedom” scam beloved by state gangsters

“I want peace. And if I am president, I will begin by imposing a new round of far tougher economic sanctions on Iran. I will do this together with the world if we can, unilaterally if we must. I will speak out forcefully on behalf of Iranian dissidents. I will back up American diplomacy with a very real and very credible military option. I will restore the regular presence of aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf region simultaneously. I will increase military assistance to Israel and coordination with all of our allies in the region. These actions will send an unequivocal signal to Iran that the United States, acting in concert with allies, will never permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.”
Mitt Romney, creating “peace” by threatening other people and telling them what to do

“Television news footage from outside the university's main administration building showed officers pulling people from the steps and nudging others with batons as the crowd chanted, ‘We are the 99 percent!’ and ‘Stop Beating Students!’”
From an AP report which describes cops beating students with batons as “nudging”

“First of all, maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program, including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems, all of it covertly, all of it deniable. Second, maximum coordination with the Israelis in a way that allows them to maximize their impact in Iran. Third, an absolute strategic program comparable to what President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher did to the Soviet Union, of every possible aspect short of war, of breaking the regime and bring it down.”
Newt Gingrich, telling us how he’ll punish Iran if he is US Dictator

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