Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Back, Adam!

Adam Kokesh has returned to the “interwebs” with his now independently produced, “3.0” version of “Adam vs. the Man.”

Here, Adam shows the world the historically ignorant, economically clueless, collectivist, authoritarian, fascist, walking turd known as Kevin Zeese. Adam does an excellent job of instantly refuting the nonsense offered by this “spokesman:”

Zeese articulates well the general anti-war message concerning US involvement in wars of empire throughout the world, yet sees no hypocrisy in proposing his leftist, authoritarian war against sovereign individuals who happen to reside geographically within the US collective. It’s apparently not enough for Lord Zeese and his supporters to live their own, freely chosen collectivist lifestyle. They insist on the participation of all 310 million of us in their centralized fiascos. If you disagree with their violence-enforced policy- tough luck!

Mr. Zeese, if your proposed acts of aggression against, free living, sovereign, liberty loving, and otherwise peaceful individuals are successful, please don’t act surprised when you find a well aimed hollow point between your eyes. Violence, no matter what form it takes, merely begets more violence. Your inherent threat to cage or kill me and others for not cooperating with your mob-enforced “policy” will more than likely be met with justified, defensive, retaliatory force. Do you and your aspiring tyrants really believe that your opposition will merely sit back and accept your oppression?


Mark Stoval said...

Wonderful post; thanks for it. Heck, thanks for all you do. I just love the quotes!

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks, Mark. I think we need to continue to show "peace" protestors just how violent some of them are.