Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freedom is Color Blind……..

Most assuredly, it is. But, according to the composer of the song and video below, freedom also requires you obtain and possess all state required paper work:

“And I raise my glass to Arizona, enforce the law cuz the Feds don’t wanna. But illegal’s not a race.
If you’re legal come and stand with me, we’ll share the cup of liberty……."

How can a human being, born free on the earth (if you agree with your sacred “founding documents”) ever be considered “illegal?” Since when is “liberty,” a default, human condition experienced by sovereign individuals, only to be shared among those that have been inspected and approved by state gangsters? How can any rational person’s concept of “freedom” not include freedom of movement? If a ruling state can declare one class of humans “illegal” based on their location of birth, can it not also expand its list of definitions to determine just who is “legal” to include race, religious and political affiliation and philosophy, ancestry, occupation, etc.? And if not- what’s to stop them? A piece of paper called a "Constitution?"

The sentiment behind this video is a great example of trying to define “freedom” within the omnipotent state’s construct of state granted privilege. What a great example of statist distortion and hypocrisy.

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