Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“To say 'no' in reply to an offer, suggestion, or demand is to assert authority. The same can be said of 'yes,' but only when it is said in particular circumstances. 'Yes' can signify either honorable agreement or craven submission. Saying 'no,' on the other hand, is a way of claiming one's sovereignty and demanding that it be respected.”
Will Grigg

“Imperialism will always be framed by those in power as beneficial to those being ‘civilized.’ The most evil atrocities will be committed in the name of advancement. The human impact of imperialism is madness. The hubristic delusions of emperors, kings, generals and presidents ultimately put average men into morally ambiguous circumstances.”
Jim Quinn

“Peer pressure and social opprobrium are what really hold societies together, not execution squads chasing those who don’t believe in a war.”
Doug Casey

“The State is an inherently illegitimate institution of organized aggression, of organized and regularized crime against the persons and properties of its subjects. Rather than necessary to society, it is a profoundly antisocial institution which lives parasitically off of the productive activities of private citizens.”
Murray Rothbard

“Just as war is the natural consequence of monopoly, peace is the natural consequence of liberty.”
Gustave de Molinari

“The only things that government actually makes are criminals out of innocent people, and corpses out of living human beings.
Will Grigg

“The bottom line is that it is politicians first and their supporters amongst intellectuals who pose the greatest threat to liberty.”
Walter Williams

"It is property that enables one to determine the course of one’s own life. Without it, the right to life is no right at all, but rather a privilege granted by those who own your labor.
A government that has the unlimited power to seize the property of its citizens can afford to be magnanimous when it comes to free speech. Yet, for the citizen who no longer owns the fruits of his own labor, the right to complain makes him no less a slave."

Tom Mullen
From the Darkness:
“This is the first time; once you start doing this, you’ll start breaking down local laws, county and even state laws — unlawful use of a weapon.”
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, concerned the Supreme Court may overturn his city’s gun ban.

“People go to Starbucks for an escape, just so they can get peace. But people walk in with open-carry guns and it destroys the tranquility.”
Ralph Fascitelli of Washington Ceasefire, an advocacy group that seeks to reduce “gun violence”

"Vice President Gore's career has been marked by visionary leadership, and his work has quite literally changed our planet for the better."
University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek, in announcing that The Climate Christ will be awarded an honorary degree from his university.

"President Bush and Laura Bush represent the true spirit and character of a Texan. We appreciate and celebrate their dedication and service."
Bill Jones, president of the Texas State History Museum Foundation, upon awarding The Shrub the "History-Making Texan Award."

“Mao spoke those famous words: ‘women hold up half the sky.’ If the statistics are any indication, communism has been good for women."
From a CNN report.

“He’s the outside man, I’m the inside man. He’s a big thinker.”
Karl Rove, on George W. Bush.

"The conclusion does ask the audience to root for the defeat of American soldiers at the hands of an insurgency. So it is a deep expression of anti-Americanism-kind of."
John Podhoretz, on the movie, Avatar.

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