Saturday, August 15, 2009

Light Flashes

Officials see rise in militia groups across US
This development comes as no surprise. Just as insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere organize to defend their homes and families from state aggression, militias in this country are preparing to do the same. The ever encroaching reach of a totalitarian US government demands it.

"All it's lacking is a spark."

Exactly! And I’m sure the FBI is quickly planning how to infiltrate these groups and do just that- instigate and encourage some kind of violent event to justify an Obama-led, jackboot blitzkrieg. This manufactured event will give our state masters even more ammo to crack down on civil liberty and gun law “loopholes” in the name of “protecting our freedom.”

During this “wait” perhaps these folks will take the time to figure their way of OUT of this predicament of being dependent on the state for their groceries. It’s bad enough to be reliant on the state’s education, health care, etc. but to actually be dependent on your very daily sustenance to remain alive is the epitome of slavery.

If Obamacare passes, it won’t be long after you will be reading this similar, heart tugging headline:

"North Texans Die In Wait For Health Care."

I can comment on this story by simply analyzing the idiotic statements and Orwellian double talk from government edu-crats:

"The district also values student speech rights. ... Our schools, however, are not unbounded forums for practicing student speech, and our primary focus remains creating and maintaining an environment conducive to learning."

How can you say you value “speech rights” when you are actively suppressing them? The whole idea of t-shirts with messages is to communicate ideas. Doesn’t this contribute to the learning environment? Or are edu-crats fearful of competition- that the ideas presented by others may be chosen superior over the school’s indoctrination? Schools are always encouraging students to get involved with and participate in politics. Yet, they’re not allowed to show the partisan direction they’ve chosen to take?

Schools want to avoid disruption to their orderly indoctrination by avoiding any possible disagreements between students. (students freely discussing their differences produces static, interfering with the state-produced message and viewpoint). This will serve the school produced automatons well when they are adults. Any time they witness individuals professing a “non-state message” (formerly a “non-school message“) they will be conditioned to see that it is terminated. Having their school created, statist world view challenged and threatened, causes discomfort and “disruption.” The auto-response will be to silence the message.

“Students "have a number of opportunities to express themselves through the wearing of buttons, jewelry or other symbols, forming a school-sponsored club, and speaking at limited public forum opportunities available during the day."

So why not T-Shirts? How is a button with a message any different than a t-shirt with a message?

"This would allow Pete the opportunity to express support for the political candidate of his choice through a school-sponsored organization." [The principal wrote that he was available to assist Pete with forming an approved club or organization.]

You must be part of a collective in order to express any opinion. Stating opinions strictly as an individual cannot be tolerated. What if Pete prefers to promote his candidate by himself and convince others through his own means to support his candidate? Of course this cannot be allowed. Individuals promoting their ideas in a solitary fashion are nearly impossible to regulate or control. The state and its corrupt ideas and actions cannot survive non-centralized opposition (as it cannot survive or defeat 4th-generation warfare). However, if like-thinking persons are herded into groups, then the state can more easily assert its authority.

"Pete was never punished for the message on that (Edwards) shirt. He was simply asked to comply with a dress code that prohibits all non-school messages on clothing, regardless of the message conveyed."

Classic lawyer double speak. If Pete was prohibited from wearing a t-shirt with a “non-school” message than he surely was punished “for the message on his Edwards shirt!” His message is a non-school message, therefore he IS being punished for his message!

Three judges bought this nonsensical argument.

The Bush Dream is realized! Democracy has been achieved in Iraq! Soon, every facet of Iraqi life will be micro-managed by the benevolent state. Only those activities and products deemed worthy by the ruling regime will be allowed.

Hey, Gold Star Mothers- are you still proud of your son’s and daughter’s “sacrifice”? Are you still content with the justification of why they now lay dead in the ground?

To allow ANY government employee into your home without a warrant is absolutely INSANE!

If you do, don’t be surprised if there’s a second knock on your door a day or two later. You’ll be speaking to one of the CPS child molesters who insist on inspecting your home as a suitable place to raise children. They’ve been “tipped off,” of course by the warm, pleasant teacher you spoke to earlier. Perhaps, the home wasn’t quite as neat and orderly as the state masters require.

Before you know it, the CPS kidnaps your children and locks YOU in a cage.

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