Friday, April 3, 2009

Light Flashes

Clinton, Hutchison drop political guards at Women's Museum in Dallas

No wonder so many Dallas women are such crusty wenches- They've been taking advice from losers like these cackling hens.

Queen Hillary would be NOWHERE if she hadn't been able to ride the coattails of her slimey husband.

Kay-Bay is not much better- she can owe her career to kissing Bush-Butts I and II.

Parents of Argyle girl hope to prevent more septic deaths

Why is the response to tragedy always passing some new law that reduces freedom and increases costs?

Why can't these people just admit they lack common sense and made a tragic mistake?

No law would have prevented their stupidity!!

Jumbo jet will carry fallen soldier's legacy to Iraq

The "legacy" of Peter Burks is killing for the terrorist US state.

His father seems to have a bit more sense- actually helping people- and helping those who have been hurt by his son and his murderous colleagues.

Bill would provide more compensation for wrongfully-imprisoned men

These men certainly deserve compensation. But the taxpayer shouldn't be stuck with the bill. They have a gun pointed to their heads (taxes), forcing them to subscribe to this goofy, incompetent government "justice" system based on retribution, rather than restitution.

The incompetent attorneys and police should be forced to pay the bill.

Liberty's Benefactor

A few years ago I called up Burt Blumert’s company to purchase some silver coins. Surprisingly, Burt, himself, answered the phone. I talked to him briefly about LRC and how I had been writing for Strike-the-Root. He was very patient in conversing with me, considering the relative, tiny order I was making.

What a great contribution to the cause of liberty this man made- something for all of us to emulate.

14 confirmed dead in New York massacre

New York has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. You can see how useless they are. All these laws do is make honest people defenseless.

All laws, generally, are useless. The good people don't need them and the bad people ignore them.

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