Thursday, March 12, 2009

Light Flashes

March takes place to send message against domestic violence

Why not a march against STATE violence? The US state has abused and killed tens of thousands of women and children. Why continue to allow THIS slaughter to continue? I say we ALL get out of this "relationship," and pronto!

Obama: Endure, find opportunity in time of crisis

Sure, there's LOTS of "opportunity" for the power elites and politically connected to fleece and plunder the schmucks who believe they are actually being helped!

The state sees ALL problems and times of difficulty as an opportunity to expand their power and enrich their benefactors. Here’s just one recent example. The institution has done this throughout its long, sordid history. Nothing new here.

Volunteer army ships donated Girl Scout sweets to soldiers

Yea, that'll make them feel better- cookies. Give ‘em that sugar rush. Nothing is better to get you hopped up and hyped up for a day of killin' than eatin' cookies.

Here’s a better item to send to the soldier boys- software to deprogram these robots so they’ll come to their senses and cease spreading death, destruction, and darkness throughout the world.

Study: Belligerent chimp proves animals make plans

Proof! Even a monkey has more foresight than any politician or voter.

A statist human wouldn’t take the time to gather his rocks. He would lobby for a government program to loan the statist human the cash to buy the rocks or pay someone to gather them for him. The government would then tax someone who couldn’t fight back (perhaps, deer) in order to buy the rocks from a rock dealer with political connections. This payment would come in the form of a government loan to the statist human. When the human became in arrears and couldn’t pay his loan, the government would tax the hyenas to pay for the human’s bailout.

John Wiley Price scrubs bird droppings from sidewalk

That has got to be one of the greatest headlines I've ever read. JWP is a long time Dallas county commissioner/gangster who has perturbed many an individual in the past with his caustic and even violent approach to getting what he wants.

The story itself is meaningless. The ONLY job ANY politician is qualified to do is cleaning up *&%#.

Homeland Security plans to thwart border violence

End drug prohibition and the violence will END.

Getting USG jackboots involved will only INCREASE the violence- guaranteed. The cost of this needless war will also get much more expensive.

DISD chief proposes longer school year to improve student grades

Suuuure…that’ll work. Improve the education of children by keeping them even LONGER in failed government schools. This is the typical government solution to a government created problem- Do more of what has already failed.

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