Saturday, February 21, 2009

Satan is Smiling

The local tabloid brings the sad news of another lost soldier boy; this one, a local son killed in the empire graveyard of Afghanistan. The nationalistic, knee- jerk reaction of natives bring some questions to mind.

When the “enemy” (in this case, Islamic extremists) give their lives for their cause, they’re considered by their brethren as martyrs. Merriman-Webster defines martyr as “a person who makes a great sacrifice for the sake of principle.” US Loyalists insult and criticize those who martyr themselves in the name of Islam but hold up as heroes those that do the same for the sake of the US state. Isn’t this hypocritical?

Another question: If giving your life for your government is the highest level of service and the greatest contribution you can make- why are these people sad and crying? Shouldn’t they be smiling and celebrating?

Says one mourner, “We can sure support the people trying to make things better. We don't realize how lucky we are to live here, and there's a lot of people making it that way." Well, sir/maam, you certainly aren’t one of those people. Your remarks are representative of those who encourage and support the idea that one’s children should be sacrificed for the benefit of and extension of state power.

The tragic loss of this person makes nothing “better.” No worthy cause benefits from the loss of a young, promising life. Only the forces of darkness and depravity have been strengthened. The hope represented by a single soul has been permanently lost.
Satan is smiling.

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