Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Feel Safer, Now

State gangsters in Navarro County, Texas have busted an “illegal” cockfighting operation for the second time this year. Thank God these crusaders for public decency are watching out for the public interest and the safety of the defenseless public. I’m now sleeping much more soundly.

The state profits nicely in this particular operation. They steal $13,000 in cash from the participants as well as 150 birds to be resold at 100% profit. Notice how the obedient “reporter” uses the state euphemism, “seized” instead of the more accurate, “steals.” A nice touch is ticketing the spectators, bringing in still more revenue to bloat the donut budget.

Since it’s obvious the operators of this business just move their operation after each bust, count on another nearby bust in 6-9 months. And the state will once again implement its revenue shakedown while proudly boasting its “accomplishment.”

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