Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Goes Better With Killing Than Lying and Deceit?

Is there anyone slimier than a military recruiter? Apparently, soldiers that think nothing of killing children in Iraq and Afghanistan, are hired as recruiting goons to threaten high school kids at home.

Recruits that decide not to proceed with non-binding commitments are being threatened with arrest for desertion by angry recruiters. Read all the gory details here. No need to comment- any thoughts written by me would be obvious to anyone who believes that the state should be held to the same standard of accountability as are individuals. The state, in this case, responds with the usual admonition toward the offending party- reassingnment and/or a promotion.

This quote from Congress-Critter Ted Poe really got my attention: “Our country cannot deceive its citizens.”
Than why do you accept the continued reign of a lying dictator?

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