Thursday, July 31, 2008

State Gangsters Turn to Direct Mail

The State of Texas is mailing coupons to their subjects, encouraging them to participate in their lottery monopoly. Apparently, sales of lottery tickets are sagging as people wise up and hold on to their money for more pressing needs- like food and shelter. Big Tex just wants to offer a friendly reminder that the state’s needs come first. Don’t be selfish!

This is a great example why monopolies, particularly those operated by the state, are an intolerable evil. The state outlaws private individuals participating in such gambling ventures, even classifying such behavior as immoral and personally destructive. Yet, it seems to forget those principles when operating and promoting its own gambling ventures. Try to offer gambling customers an alternative to the state’s and you’ll be prosecuted and imprisoned.
The state protects its vice monopolies with the same vigor as The Mob. Neither will accept competition.

Texans and all state serfs need to realize that buying a lottery ticket is nothing more than voluntary taxation. Why agree, without coercion, to voluntarily give up your wealth to an organization that produces nothing useful and uses that very money to fund activities that are not in your best interest?

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