Sunday, July 27, 2008

DVD Reviews

Cream at Royal Albert Hall: The myth lives on that rock and roll is for the young to perform. But why? These fellows certainly proved the contrary during this performance, recorded over four nights in 2005. I know that the band members will be the first to state that they are more of a blues band than a rock band, but their innovative style and top notch musicianship played an important role in the evolution of rock music. The fact that Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce are, and still are, superb musicians, is obvious. But watching this performance reminded me how important and absolutely essential Ginger Baker’s drumming style was to the “Cream sound.” Too old? Hardly. This band is certainly more worthwhile listening to forty years past their time (not their prime) than the over-caffeinated, mediocre, teenage-band twits you see on Letterman.

Killer Diller: Very funny, entertaining, low budget movie. Also some great blues music to get you swaying.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Must see documentary. Soundly researched. The witness interviews reveal amazing information. When I attempt to convince someone that 911 was an inside job, the first thing I tell them to do is watch the collapse of WTC building 7. That experience alone should spark the curiosity of any reasonable person and inspire them to then examine the volumes of other evidence available. To convince the unbeliever that a conspiracy to kill JFK was covered up, the first fact to consider is that the testimony of all 8 eyewitnesses to the assassination (who were all within yards of Kennedy) were completely ignored by the Warren Commission and never mentioned in their report. Amazing.
Recommended (if you don’t see this I’ll slap you)

Rambo: This is the 60-something Rambo. Well written, graphically real war drama. One definite positive is the fictional story takes place in a very real situation- the genocide inflicted by the brutal regime of Burma. Apparently, this film has helped spread awareness of those atrocities and this movie is banned in Burma.

The Bucket List: How can you resist watching two masters practice their craft together? A role perfectly matched for Morgan Freeman and one liner zingers that only Jack Nicholson can execute. This is the kind of film that you need to see now and then to remind you what is important.

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