Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greenie Goons and Military Mobsters Join Forces

The enviro-wackos are aligning with the US military. A group has risen from the statist slime calling itself “Green Collar Vets“, a nonprofit organization who’s mission is “to coordinate skill development, education and employment opportunities in emerging Green Industries for U.S. military veterans.”
I’ve offered some suggestions for productive “green” jobs for ex-soldier boys and girls:

  • Help dig proper graves for all the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans they’ve murdered.

  • Clear invaded countries of depleted uranium and cluster bombs that will kill even more innocents in the future.

  • Close down all military bases in occupied countries and perform all necessary environmental cleanup. Only God knows what filth and pollution they have produced.

It’s the perfect union, the environmentalists and the military. One group hates the idea of humanity even populating the earth while the other is highly skilled and experienced in actively eradicating such life.

Green used to be a pleasant color, arousing sensations of pleasant summers and the smell of freshly cut grass. Now the hue brings to mind images of pagan-generated genocide and neo-Luddite tyranny.

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