Monday, July 7, 2008

DVD Reviews

Michael Palin- Himalaya:
A six part BBC series that follows Michael Palin as he journeys through the areas within and surrounding the Himalayas- mountains so huge and grand they make most other mountain ranges look like speed bumps. Make sure to also see Palin’s “Pole to Pole” and Around the “World in 80 Days.”

Baghdad ER:
An HBO documentary that follows the staff of the military hospital in the American Green Zone. Not for the squeamish to see, but necessary to understand the reality of war. The competency of the medical staff is beyond question. They just give some strange rationalizations for all the carnage. One doctor claims how terrible and stupid war is (not just this one) but then, without batting an eye, states there is no place he’d rather be. Huh?

I don’t go for horror or monster movies much but the trailers for this flick caught my attention. The movie is filmed as if it was shot by an amateur, recording the event with a hand held video camera. Some may not like the jerky, erratic images but I feel the style gives the story a more realistic view of individuals suddenly caught in extreme terror. Some great special effects.

August Rush:
You’ll enjoy this movie if you appreciate the transcendent value of music. Kerri Russell’s acting is a bit lame but the rest of the cast, including Robin Williams, do fine.

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