Sunday, July 20, 2008

DVD Reviews

10,000 B.C.: If you can buy the idea that wooly mammoths help build the pyramids and veloco-raptors had feathers and lived the same time as man, you may be able to enjoy this sci-fi fantasy. The viewer is treated to a slave revolt which is always inspiring.
Slightly recommended, but don’t hurry.

Starman: 1984 film starring Jeff Bridges as an alien that crash lands to earth. The hook is he takes the form of a woman’s recently deceased husband. Some well played comical moments. But I think the film accurately depicts what the state’s response would be in such an event. Rather treat him as an invited guest, the state intends to carve him up and analyze him.

Sahara- with Michael Palin: What I enjoy most about Palin’s travel programs is that he just doesn’t show you remarkable scenery witnessed during his travels, but spends time visiting and talking to people to understand their culture. There’s a lot of talking in this series since the countries that comprise the Sahara region have very little scenery worth sharing- with a couple of exceptions.

Dark Heart: An Iraq War vet returns home, tired of war, only to be ambushed by local thugs. Poor writing and mediocre acting. Grade B, all the way.
Not recommended.

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