Sunday, July 20, 2008

How to Beg for a House

The Wench Perry is now out on the street begging all to pay to rebuild her precious Governor’s mansion. You may recall a while back that the state of Texas had it’s “historical” Governor’s mansion torched during restoration. The event reminded me of the US military who claims to protect individuals under its dominion from ever greater evils lurking nearby, yet can’t even protect its own building from common riff-raff and nare-do-wells.

When I emailed the Chronicle reporter, inquiring why he didn’t bother to ask
Ms. Perry if the mansion was insured, he responded the state is “self-insured.” This, of course, is nonsense. No one can insure themselves. Insurance is defined as “coverage by contract whereby one party agrees to guarantee another against a specified loss.” The term, “self-insured” is merely state-speak for “we just tax the peasants to pay for it.” Remember, the state not only creates its own reality but speaks its own language that cleverly hides its criminal activity. The MSM dutifully passes on this deception through its concurrent use of state-speak.

Master Perry receives a salary of over $115,000 (not counting the aforementioned free housing, transportation, expense account, domestic staff and other perks) to perform whatever magic he does to direct the lives of 24 million Texans. A search to find his net worth (which must be millions) turned up empty. Don’t politicians have to file financial statements? Where is it? Regardless, I think the Perrys' can get along just fine providing their own housing. It’s safe to predict you won’t discover the royal couple living under a bridge.
The Wench Perry gives the usual whining that the structure is “the people’s house.” Yea, I’m sure when you’re living there “the people” can just walk inside anytime. After all, it’s theirs- right?
The restoration of the restoration is projected to cost “tens of millions of dollars.” Does that not strike a reasonable person as an excessive cost to restore an unnecessary structure of any kind, let alone a 152 year old, 9,500 square foot, burned out shell? But then, no cost is too high for the state when you can legally put a gun to the heads of 24,000,000 people and exact tribute.
I got a better idea- why not leave the mansion a pile of rubble to remind everyone how unnecessary that structure (and the state) is and prove that people's lives will go on just fine without the "people's house" and the state that claims it significant?
One last question- What makes agents of the state so pompous as to believe that every thing they touch, everything they do, every domicile they reside in, automatically becomes “historical?”


Tim Swanson said...

"the people's house"

Ha, good point. Never once, in my 25 years of residence, was I invited to sleep over at the house.

I wonder if I'll be invited to the Blue House ( at some point.


sgboone said...

I was going to be mean, but changed my mind after reading your comments on Miz Perry, begging for that, which is already paid for. Mean, because I'm married to a Viet Nam Veteran, that was drafted, didn't flee to Canada, a Black American who served in spite of adversity, in and out of the service. I guess you just can't win, if you're born into segregation, the way WE were! It wasn't cut and dry, whether you wanted to serve or not, because his last name isn't Bush!

Shamgar said...

Hmmm, that's not quite true. You can self-insure. Insurance is not a contract between two different individuals. It's a means by which you protect yourself against loss.

If you're wealthy enough, you can self-insure, by just making sure you have enough money to deal with the loss. Whether that's a car, a home, or even against personal liability.

That said, your wider point still holds true. They are "wealthy" enough to be self-insured, but only because they will steal it from the public.