Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:

“Gold doesn’t emerge from a printing press. Gold cannot be mass produced to fund an “energetic presidency.” That’s why governments have no use for it. “
George F Smith

"Wartime brings the ideal of the State out into very clear relief, and reveals attitudes and tendencies that were hidden. In times of peace the sense of the State flags in a republic that is not militarized. For war is essentially the health of the State. The ideal of the State is that within its territory its power and influence should be universal. As the Church is the medium for the spiritual salvation of man, so the State is thought of as the medium for his political salvation. Its idealism is a rich blood flowing to all the members of the body politic. And it is precisely in war that the urgency for union seems greatest, and the necessity for universality seems most unquestioned."
Randolph Bourne

From the Darkness:
"Patriotism is deeper than its symbolic expressions, than sentiments about place and kinship that move us to hold our hands over our hearts during the national anthem. It is putting the country first, before party or personal ambition, before anything."
John McCain

Maybe that’s’ a way of killing them.”
John McCain, commenting on the rise in cigarette sales in Iran over the last seven years.

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