Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th- Time for the Slaves to Celebrate “Freedom”

It’s July 4- time for the bureaucrat banditos to take another day off with pay (at your expense) and promote how wonderful and necessary they all are. Where would we all be without their steely protection and firm guidance to clear the perilous path of life we clueless (privately employed) peons must navigate?

The mainstream claims this is a day to celebrate freedom by extolling the virtuous, democratic state we’re blessed with. But how can it be desirable or even reasonable to celebrate a state that “provides” and “protects” our freedom by plundering our wealth, killing innocents in our name, fraudulently educating and drugging our children (who they claim belong to them), starting wars (repeatedly) based on lies, and regulating every minutiae of our daily lives? How can an institution that maintains its authority through brute force encourage or be conducive to individual freedom?

The Founders knew the answers to these questions. If they were alive today they would most likely be spending the “holiday” putting a match to cloth.

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