Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Hypocrisy

And the nonsense continues……

People talk about “peace and good will toward men” for a few hours, then they’re back to killing each other for the rest of the year. This has gone on for centuries. Why? Because The State, master creator of hate, death and destruction, still exists!

I’m all for replacing the deceiving “Christmas” bullshit with “Death to the State Day” or even the less antagonistic “Abolish the State Day.” Both names encourage the exact same result.
The invention of “Christmas,” itself involves deceit. It was originally a pagan holiday celebrating an astronomical constant (winter solstice), then somehow morphed into the day the Son of God was born. Huh?

It has become obvious that Jesus most certainly was not born on December 25, branding this hijacked holiday with a tattoo of deception. And why would the birth of the Son Of God, surely the most fantastic event in the history of this planet, only be recognized ONE stinking day of the year? Why aren’t believers celebrating this daily?

For you Christians upset about this proposal, please remember that The State is the Devil’s infrastructure. It allows the strong and the evil to oppress the weak and the peaceful. What a better way to challenge the Devil’s work than to abolish his tools? Think how much easier it will be to change men’s hearts towards the rest of humanity when The Great Deceiver/Great Divider/Mass Murderer- no longer exists!

If Jesus came to earth to “save mankind,” the most important revelation of that rescue is the declaration that hierarchal, Old Testament institutions (both secular and religious) enslave the lives and minds of God’s ultimate creation. In order for humans to remain free, they cannot tolerate self-appointed gatekeepers to regulate and control their consumption of universal knowledge, ethics, and spiritual guidance. Hence, their inevitable and even dutiful hostility toward the state.

Just as the secular Christmas is a silly fantasy, the religious version of “peace, good will towards men,” has equally been a fantasy used to perpetrate a fraud. The Christian “Church” (not necessarily individuals) will never be able to claim such a sentiment as genuine as long as it accepts, legitimizes, and obeys the criminal state and it’s opposing agenda.

Let “Christmas” be a time when Christians and sympathizers rise up and demand the end of their centuries old subjugation at the hands of the criminal state. Let the children enjoy their presents and holiday illusions (I certainly did) but let’s encourage those with an adult consciousness to work for a state-free world in which the potential for peace and prosperity is near limitless- surpassing any fantasy that a child could imagine.

Later, they can deal with the equally despicable enslavement by their organized religious institutions.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Self-Inflicted Persecution of Kim Davis

Kim Davis is the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who was jailed (and since released) by a U.S. District judge. Her accused crime? She refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses as authorized by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. This action has inspired a multitude of opinions concerning the justness of the actions of both Ms. Davis and the District judge who had her jailed.

First, I must admit a perverse pleasure in reading of such cases where the state “eats its own.” These are situations where state apparatchiks suffer the consequences of the state’s illegitimate “laws,” rather than enslaved mundanes who usually bear the brunt of such criminal interventions. Better to see a parasitic state operative suffering the wrath of their state master than non-consenting tax slaves who generally suffer the bulk of such abuse and who are also forced to finance such an operative’s lofty position of power. My empathy is saved for such non-consenting sovereigns- the truly “persecuted” ones.

I’ve read two, well written and logical analyses regarding this case. One claims Ms. Davis is being persecuted because she obeyed her state constitution, the other insisting she is rightfully being disciplined (though unjustly jailed) for not obeying an overriding, higher ranking constitution. Both views make sense to me but both presuppose the legitimacy of such a governing state that claims to govern and rule individuals. It also assumes that state created “constitutions” are equally legitimate as control mechanisms that regulate this institution’s ruling power. Though I respect this popular default perspective, it has become my secondary, not primary, perspective when viewing state created conflicts.

As one who believes that all men are born sovereign and free, only to be rightfully governed and ruled by their individual consent, I view such state created conflicts without the presupposition of the state’s legitimacy.

Knowing this, let’s begin my analysis with an examination of the players involved in this seedy drama:

The State
The state is an institution claiming governing and ruling power over a designated geographic area. Despite any state created designated limitations on its power (constitutions), this institution is prone to ignore such designated limitations if it so serves its relentless pursuit of more power. Neglecting such limitations is often defended with decisions made by state created courts who have the power to interpret such limitations. Such interpretations can only be overturned by the state itself. The state has thereby evolved into nothing less than a criminal mafia, financed through extortion, while claiming near limitless power and ultimately being accountable to no one. It is a self-regulating cabal.

Claiming the authority to ignore such designated limits of its power at its discretion (and confirmed by its own courts), the state has become involved in virtually every behavior, action, and transaction involving individuals. It has built itself to be a gatekeeper to nearly every conceivable human activity. The particular intervention discussed here is marriage.

Kim Davis
Ms. Davis, born as a sovereign and free individual, has chosen to discard her intrinsic sovereignty and consented to be governed and ruled by the state. She has done this by voluntarily becoming a paid, state operative, subject to the orders of her superior. The institution she works for is funded by coercive taxes enforced through violence, not voluntary contributions. Her duties include enforcing state dictates claiming power to permit or deny a “legal” marriage between individuals.

The conflict
The conflict arises when Ms. Davis refuses her master’s dictate to issue “legal” permission to marry among same-sex individuals. She defends her refusal, citing that allowing such a marriage is a violation of her Christian religious principles.

Any time I hear individuals adamantly citing religious objections to defend their actions my ears perk up. Such claims often come from those who pick and choose just what “principles” they fervently follow and those they don’t. Such is the case with Ms. Davis.

Why? Christians govern themselves in large part by doing their best to obey the Ten Commandments. Check out Commandment #8. Ms. Davis chose not to make her livelihood by way of free market, voluntary transactions with solicited customers. Instead she chose to become a willing, consenting employee/operative of an institution that funds itself through coercive taxation/theft that is enforced at the point of a gun! Such criminal activity is what directly funds Ms. Davis’ lucrative paycheck. As a declared Christian, what part of “Thou shall not steal” does Ms Davis not understand?

In the smoky cloud created by the state’s ambiguous legalities and varying interpretations of “law,” Ms. Davis’ plight can viewed as both fair or unfair. From the clear and unambiguous perspective of individual human sovereignty, the inherent right of consent, and the necessity of personal accountability and responsibility, Ms. Davis has created her own nightmare. She unwisely and voluntarily consented to being a paid operative of an inherently unjust criminal operation. Criminal operations rarely have qualms about persecuting their members if it serves their goals.

Ms. Davis’ religious objections ring hollow to observers who view her participation and employment with an institution funded by violent theft- an action that patently violates one of the most basic tenets of her adamantly declared religion.

It is my contention that the punishment suffered by Ms. Davis is self-inflicted, and she is ultimately responsible for her unwise choices and decisions.

I offer no pity for her, as she willingly and voluntarily became part of the state apparatus that now “persecutes” her. This lack of pity is further intensified when considering her blatant religious hypocrisy. My empathy, as always, will be saved for those non-consenting sovereigns (no matter their spiritual consciousness) who continue to suffer persecution from a bloated leviathan whose appetite for power and control is insatiable.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, August 7, 2015

Texas Yokels Terrifed of Dead Muslims

The fear and paranoia regarding Muslims residing within the US Collective is certainly nothing new. But that anxiety does seem to becoming increasingly absurd.

That branch of the right wing I refer to as the “Hayseed Right” seem not only terrified of live Muslims, but dead ones, as well.

The Islamic Association of Collin County (TX) would like to create a cemetery on 35 acres of land it owns to bury its dead within the confines of Muslim tradition. But many local residents around Farmersville, TX are frightened and even intimidated by such a possibility. And they’re angrily resisting such a project.

For the purpose of discussion, I will not bring up the obvious conflict solution of “property rights” but will instead argue within the kooky, statist/superstitious paradigm of the Hayseed Right.

“People don’t trust Muslims.”

Yes, it's difficult to trust what you don't understand. And it's rather hypocritical for that party that demands trust, considering it's past performance.

Certainly some people don’t trust Muslims, primarily so-called “Christians”- undoubtedly the same variety of that faith who overwhelmingly supported the incineration of about 200,000 civilians (many, fellow Christians) in Japan, the genocide of American aborigines, and in recent history, the aggressive invasion, occupation, and wholesale slaughter of residents throughout the Middle East. The victims of the latter crime, of course, are overwhelmingly Muslims.

Considering such a sordid history, why would anyone (least of all a Japanese, American Indian, or Muslim) trust a “Christian?” Particularly those "Christians" who practice idolatry and loyalty toward the US regime.

"It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger."

Danger? Will these dead, buried Muslims come back to life in the middle of the night, break out of their burial vault and assault good, decent “Christians” while they sleep in their jammies?

Or maybe these crafty Muslims have something else up their sleeve- like deceptively burying live terrrrists who then access a series of underground tunnels, gather in force with other “dead” Muslims, then assail Little Johnny as he recites his bedtime prayers.

Maybe, just maybe, these muzzies stay underground and construct a hidden fortress used to store weapons to prepare for the inevitable assault upon the North Texas prairie.

Another concern expressed by these anti-cemetery folks is that the purpose of this cemetery may be to poison the water.


Muslims don’t embalm their dead don’t you know, so the evil spirits within them will be released underground and find it’s way to the water table. This water will then wind up in the drinking glasses of good, decent Christian folk and poison them with the evil, released, Muslim spirits!

Well……. at least poison them with the molecules that once constructed their now decayed, non-Christian flesh. Ain’t that bad enough?

The yokels concerned with these burials don’t seem to understand the basics of nature very well. Think of all the dead, rotting plants and animals whose carcasses have decayed and disassembled, the resulting molecular ooze finding its way through the soil and inevitably to the water table. Human decomposition is no different. Embalming only delays that deterioration and adds some quite noxious embalming chemicals to the mix. Yum! Drink up!

"There is something about it that ya'll are missing."

No, I think ya’ll are missing something of extreme importance- that being reason and education. Perhaps more time reading and researching and less time listening to prevaricating, poison peddling, preachers and talk show hosts would help ease your mind considerably.

And you’ll wind up with a nice, pleasant, quiet cemetery nearby to visit, relax and read your Bible.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Thursday, August 6, 2015

War Criminal Gets Jury Duty

Is a war criminal and mass murderer qualified to perform jury duty?

Apparently, such an individual is worthy to do so in Dallas County.

The Butcher of Iraq and Afghanistan took time off from searching for Iraqi WMD’s and playing with limbless soldier boys he created to “report” for such duty. He put on a good show, joking and laughing with kidnapped sovereigns, helping to pacify any objections to state sponsored forced labor to serve the “justice” system.

Sure, I was disappointed he wasn’t “chosen” to “serve” on an actual jury. But I am even more disappointed that not a single fellow captive out of 34 individuals would look into his eyes and demand he defend his murderous rampage of conquest. Not one.

The local loyalist slaves appear happy with their state master, content with its “policy“ of mass murder and mayhem, and not embarrassed in the least to be photographed with one of its premier instigators.

“I think he was a pretty cool guy”

Meanwhile, The Decider and regular guy can now get back to making speeches.

Feeling optimistic about the future?

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, July 3, 2015

Music to Burn Your Flag By

After 46 years, this is still the most honest presentation of this song I have heard. Play it loudly while you fan the flames consuming that horrendous war rag.

Thank you, Jimi, for taking a horrible song praising a demonic, war loving, human hating, death cult and turning it into a creative presentation of TRUTH!

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why Not an ‘Independence From the State’ Day?

I’m about to witness my 61st “Independence Day” in the US Collective. And all I see forthcoming is still another celebration of failure, still another empty gesture from clueless citizen/slaves who have no independence.

The supposed “independence” noted and celebrated is recorded in the document known as The Declaration of Independence. Those enslaved by a king at that time, declared themselves subjects instead to some, as yet, undefined government master (later to be defined as a “republic”). The document rails about such worthy goals as equality among men, inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and government operating only at the consent of the governed.

But when present day loyalists view their present day reality through their star spangled eyes, do they see the ultimate achievement of these documented goals?

Once the hot dogs and beer are digested and the fireworks smoke clears, what do they have? Freedom? Independence? Liberty? Quite the contrary.

What they in reality have is a multi-century, linear regression from a declaration of the sanctity of the natural rights of man and the glory of individualism to an annual affirmation of conformity, unquestioned loyalty, collective obedience, and the glorification of human sacrifice when committed in the name of the king.

And not the old king, but the new one.

What in reality they have is the unfortunate opportunity to witness a spectacular, historical failure. The institution created and charged with protecting those declared, natural rights has instead morphed into the greatest threat toward their weakening and eventual abolition. Words on parchment outlining law, custom and structure regarding such an institution have been proven impotent to restrain the growth of a predator so large and menacing, that it not only threatens complete evisceration of individual wealth and liberties within its declared territory, but also the lives, wealth, property, and security of people throughout the world.

Seeing that that such a large, powerful and centralized political structure is not only inadequate, but inherently dangerous toward the stated goal of preserving liberty, aware individuals can only view celebrating such a structure as utterly senseless.

Perhaps a new way to celebrate Independence Day is to shift the focus of collective independence to individual independence. The idea that claiming a collective independence will protect our inalienable liberties seems to have failed. How about a more individually oriented, decentralized approach- all based on the sanctity of individual sovereignty and the truth that no man is born another man’s subject or slave?

Claim true independence by withdrawing your consent and allegiance to a criminal regime posing as a benevolent master. Separate yourself mentally and emotionally from the death cult that values human sacrifice for the collective over the life giving accomplishments of free living individuals.

And why stop there? Why not expand the scope from a localized effort to reassert our rights as freeborn sovereigns to a worldwide campaign of individual empowerment and liberation?

Instead of foolishly celebrating a past independence from one king, just to become enslaved by another, let’s actively declare and celebrate an independence to all present day state masters.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters



Sunday, June 28, 2015

NAACP- Racist Hypocrites

In case you don’t know it, the NAACP is an acronym for the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People.

That’s right, “colored people.”

If you’re like me, “colored people” brings back unpleasant memories of the era of Jim Crow, racially segregated bathrooms, and lynching. The term “colored” was used as an obvious opposite to “white” and that group's declared superiority. Just try referring to African-Americans as “colored” in public today and you’re likely to hear complaints from at least one party. It’s just not done. It’s outdated and unacceptable- and for good reason.

The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People claims part of their mission is to, “promote equality of rights and to eradicate caste or race prejudice among the citizens of the United States” and "to advance the interests of colored persons."
They not only use that offensive word in their mission statement, but also as part of their organization's name!

Does referring to African Americans as “colored” help or hinder with this stated goal?

The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People
is fully involved in the recent purge of Confederate flags in the south.

Recently, an “activist” climbed a flag pole at the South Carolina State Capitol and removed the Confederate flag.
In a statement on its website the group's president, Cornell William Brooks, included this gem in his support of the “activist’s" action:

“The NAACP stands with our youth and behind the multigenerational band of activists fighting the substance and symbols of bigotry, hatred and intolerance.”

Apparently, Mr. Brooks fails to see the “bigotry, hatred and intolerance” of still using, in this day and age, the term “colored people” to refer to African-Americans.

In Dallas, the cultural purge is soon expanding to the
removal of confederate monuments. The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People, “will meet next week to talk about Confederate landmarks in North Texas and decide which ones they will push to have removed.”

"If we are going to move forward in America, as Americans, we have to let go of those symbols," says Arthur Fleming, President of the
Dallas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People.

Perhaps Mr. Fleming should first look in his own back yard for such symbols. Like his organization’s name! Using racist terms to describe the people you claim to care about is not a good way to “move forward in America.” How can you “move forward” if you still use unacceptable language from the past? How can anyone even take you seriously?

"We're in a period of time when we can change some things," continues Mr. Fleming.

Agreed, Mr. Fleming! You can start such necessary “change” by changing your name!

"Just says certain things have not changed," Fleming said of his thoughts when he sees a Confederate monument. "That's what it means to us."

People of reason and logic, who can spot a race hustling hypocrite from a mile away, agree with you, Mr. Fleming. “Certain things” have not changed. Some continue to use racist language from the past while supposedly working for a racism-free future. That's what your hypocrisy "means to us."

NAACP supporters may argue their organization should not change its name because of its historical significance. Yet, they refuse to accept such reasoning offered by others defending flags and monuments that have historical significance to them.

Too many people continue to bow and scrape to such hypocritical and arrogant attitudes. Too many people still consider such shakedowns (both cultural and financial) as sincere pleas for change, rather then accept the reality of their authoritarian, culturally insensitive, and yes, racist nature. And not enough people are willing to expose the otherwise obvious hypocrisy hiding behind apparent good intentions.

Cultural cleansing and dogmatism, as shown by Mr. Brooks and Mr. Fleming, has preceded many murderous, totalitarian campaigns in the past. Here’s hoping that these gentlemen’s obvious hypocrisy is a roadblock to their absurd and potentially dangerous enterprise.