Sunday, March 1, 2015

The State Doesn't Exist

I highly recommend watching the video embedded below. Don’t let the length of the video intimidate you. Don’t let the still image of people sitting at a table facing an individual at another table prejudice you into thinking this is a boring video. On the contrary, it is fascinating and an excellent example of how to expose the fraud of state “authority.”

I love how these state operatives can never define "the state" when asked to.

Not that they refuse to answer.


Why? Because the state doesn't exist. It's an abstraction that only exists in the minds of those who accept that abstraction as "real."

The state only becomes tangible or manifests itself when believers commit an act of observable
violence against those who don’t believe that abstraction and therefore, refuse to obey.

The exchange here between the bureaucrats and the accused is a microcosm of the relationship of the state to the sovereign individual. Try as they may, the state operatives cannot justify their institution’s authority with evidence but can only offer “points of law” which are, of course, merely words on paper. And words written by………them.

If I write rules on paper and claim they apply to everyone, is my authority legitimate? Of course not!

The only “evidence” that the state’s authority applies to a particular individual would be a signed contract by the accused, agreeing to be ruled by such an authority.

The state will, of course, falsely claim that the fact the accused stands or sleeps on a particular patch of dirt (“residence”) is such an “agreement.” Which is, of course, another offer of point of law, not evidence.

Enjoy the state’s bewilderment and agitation as it desperately tries to justify its existence. Imagine the wonderful chaos that would ensue if millions of sovereigns asked the same questions of their self-appointed rulers. And the higher up the this false, authoritarian hierarchy that those questions are asked, the better.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Texas Secession- A Long Shot?

Libertarians are notorious for being aloof or even hostile to involvement in any significant group activity with like minded individuals. Individualism runs deep in such circles.

This also seems to be the case with not just libertarians, but all those who view secession as a legitimate and desired action.

Russell Longcore discusses how such an aversion to organized activity or squabbling over minor differences is hurting the secession movement in Texas. He likens the challenge of channeling all these independent folks into a unified, political action to that of herding cats.

This should not come as a surprise because politics is the art of division, not unity or even compromise. Differences are always emphasized at the expense of similarities. Everyone has an agenda and the undying belief that their version is pure, unique, and undoubtedly the best. And, unlike in a world of true, individual liberty (anarchy), there is ultimately only one action allowed to occur. Political government offers only one, centralized authority within any arbitrary, geographical area and therefore, only one organizing principle is allowed.

Not only does this division make a consensus difficult among those that are otherwise allies, it makes it even more onerous to convince the general populous that a radical action like secession is rational, necessary, and doable.

Knowing this, I therefore predict that it will take some kind of economic calamity before your rank and file Texan considers secession as anything but a kooky, extremist, even treasonous idea.

There are too many hard core loyalists here, minds thoroughly brainwashed by state controlled education and reassured and directed by state controlled media. Abandoning the state collective that they’ve been programmed to love and obey is an easily dismissed option.

Then throw in the threat presented by thousands of ultra-obedient soldier slaves stationed at numerous terror cells (military bases) throughout the state- most willing to perform any human sacrifice necessary to preserve their worshipped, God-State deity (please ignore the Alex Jones’ nonsense that "The Troops" are "awakening").

True, an economic collapse would mean the neutering of the military’s DC masters and the end of their regular paychecks. But how would they react? Would they still follow orders from their now disempowered despot? Would they seek violent revenge against a universally perceived scapegoat? Or would they wise up and join ranks with the civilized?

Only a remnant few realize how starting the secession process now would minimize any pain and suffering that may follow. The challenge of convincing the clueless herd of that necessity offers a much different metaphor than herding cats- more like training a stolid turkey to drink falling rain without drowning itself.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Texas Tyrants Want Panic Buttons

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson
In that terrorist compound known as the Texas Legislature, debate over an open carry hand gun bill has apparently inspired the idea of installing “panic buttons” in member’s offices. These gangsters would therefore be able to summon their uniformed thugs with guns to neutralize any perceived threat that may enter.

Reading of such a lame request and the furor created by this debate has exposed a couple truths about the state and it’s imprisoned, tax cattle:

1) These terror cell members are terrified of their “constituents” and are alarmed at the growing number of dissidents willing to confront them face to face (see video below). They are openly concerned about the increasing incidences of freeborn humans exercising rights that even these self-proclaimed rulers allow.

2) Just the idea of “panic buttons” exposes a deep seated disease in the enslaved populace (including their election mob appointed rulers) that individuals should no longer be responsible for their self-defense- that a more appropriate response to such an active threat is to conveniently “push a button” that will (hopefully) summon a rescuing knight to avert the threat.

Of course, the preferred “rescuing knight” is the state, which must continually promote its hopelessly inept protection racket or risk obsolescence. State provided protection is a fundamental principle of collectivism.

Try to view this recent development as good news. Your rulers are frightened, they are desperate, they are becoming increasingly aware of their irrelevancy.

And they have nothing to counter efforts to restrain their tyranny except by offering still more tyranny. Such blatant and offensive anti-liberty measures merely awaken even more of the sleeping populace.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Death Trophy

I have become increasingly annoyed at how the state hijacks the wonderful game of college football for use as a propaganda tool. I usually avoid the pre-game worship service, but the state’s presence is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Last year, I didn’t get to see any of the bowls but have watched at least part of each this year. Some of the broadcasts show the trophy awarded the winning team. Most are quite beautiful and creative.

But then I saw the trophy for the Armed Forces Bowl. The image here is of the 2010 bowl, but this year’s version shown on the broadcast looks exactly the same.

Have you ever seen an uglier or more depressing trophy? Notice how it reflects virtually no light at all. Appropriate, don’t you think, for an organization that offers not enlightenment and life but darkness and death?

But it does reflect the demonic values of the death cult it honors. Notice the sickly, grey tones reminiscent of a rotting corpse. The marble like finish brings to mind rows and rows of grave markers and the stout structural stones used to build state temples and war monuments honoring human sacrifice.

Trophies are meant to be an artistic celebration of some positive, human achievement. The “artist” who created this monstrosity seems hell bent on inspiring all the fun and merriment of a mournful wake.

Mission accomplished!

Its plain, monochrome appearance closely resembles the grave stone the military sent for my late father (a WWII draftee). All it said was “First name, Last name- US Army.” As if that was the only worthwhile thing he ever did (even though he, mercifully, was only a member for about a year) and that they not only owned him in life but for all eternity.

I now respond in voice and print to such nonsense with a quick, concise comment that the boobeoisie will understand. I believe it an appropriate, vulgar response to such an obscene institution that is destroying such a beautiful game:

Fuck war.

Play ball.

Those who eschew such language may prefer:

Forget war.

Play ball.

Use either if you, like me, are repulsed, annoyed and no longer willing to tolerate such harassment and willful destruction of such an entertaining game- for both the participants and the audience. The state sticks its bloody nose in nearly every human activity in order to steal, kill, control or propagandize. Sports is certainly one activity where this unwelcome visitor needs to be evicted.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

War and Football

I’m an avid college football fan. It is the only sport I take the time to watch. Of course, the holiday season means college football bowl season and lovers of the game, like me, have about a three week long buffet of bowl games to feast on.

State propagandists love using sports as a platform for their misinformation. Though this doesn’t seem to be as prevalent in college sports as much as the professional, college football is certainly not immune from this affliction.

One such event is the “Military Bowl, Presented by Northrop Grumman.” Essentially, a football game is hijacked into being a celebration of state tyranny and it’s obedient hired killers and sponsored by an organization of war whores who profit off their bloody imperialism. What’s not to like, if you’re a blood thirsty nationalist who gets a hard on at the sight and sound of death planes flying overhead in salute to the King. Right?

And I must also mention that the game takes place in the home stadium of one of the empire’s key terrorist compounds- the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Despite the ugly and depressing setting, I was intent on watching the game and doing my best to avoid the surrounding brainwashing.

The first thing I did was avoid watching the pre-game ceremony. In even your typical football game, this part of the event is rarely anything but a brief, though intense, worship service, hailing the divine deity of the state. I’m sure this particular event took that adoration to a new level. (Here’s a video of last year’s)

Just as about the game was to start, I thought I would contact someone working with the bowl, passing on the brief, simple message that always comes to mind whenever state criminals and their cult followers mix politics and sport.

I found the email address for Mr. Steve Beck who is listed as the President and Executive Director of the Military Bowl. At the time I sent my message, I could imagine Mr. Beck sitting comfortably in a stadium luxury suite, sipping cocktails with Northrop Grumman honchos, checking his phone for email and texts, when he received this message from yours truly:

Mr. Beck,

Fuck war.

Play ball.

While watching the actual game, some ideas came to mind on how to improve the bowl’s halftime ceremony that would follow the strict tenets of perverted, failed, statist logic and move even the most stoic militarist to tears.

I again contacted Mr. Beck and offered him these suggestions:

Mr. Beck,

I have a suggestion for your half time ceremony for next year.

You may know that about 22 military veterans per day commit suicide in service to their country. It is there unique way of showing solidarity with their comrades and sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

How about at half time, a military veteran (retired or active duty) commit suicide on live television to show just how committed to freedom the troops really are? Imagine the pride that would swell within the hearts of all patriots as they witness one of their bravest commit the ultimate sacrifice!

And if it didn’t go over well, you could always blame the event on North Korea or Russia, which would increase the calls for war and swell the profits for Northrup Grumman.

Either way, everyone wins!

I’ll leave the details and logistics to you folks who are the experts in the field of “putting on a good show.” You certainly know best.

Best wishes and have a Happy New Year.

I have yet to hear back from Mr. Beck. Knowing that human sacrifice is a major tenet of collectivism, such a performance would seem to be a natural progression for a propaganda machine known for its bold actions and clever ploys. Heck, they easily sold their minions on peeping Toms in their email and gate rape at the airport. Why not this?

Statism celebrates and honors those who “sacrifice” for the good of the Empire and its collective. The Empire gives their families a box full of medals, drapes a pretty flag over their remains and if their sacrifice was extra special- a hole in the ground to place those remains.

But that is honoring the past. Why not honor such an even in the present? Why not broadcast in wide screen, living color just such a “sacrifice?” Just think of all the “copycat sacrifices” that may result, not just from military veterans, but God loving, patriotic Americans. With such a sacrificing fervor spreading across the land, how could The USSA not restore itself to its original glory?

I just hope, for the good of his bowl, Mr. Beck takes this suggestion seriously. If he doesn’t, most certainly, some other bowl will.

Perhaps the Armed Forces Bowl?

Monday, December 22, 2014

About Those NYPD Cops……

I’ve been reading and watching videos expressing various viewpoints about the two NYPD cops who were murdered recently.

I certainly don’t believe using violence is a way to order society, whether that violence is initiated by individuals or by the state on behalf of its collective. And most certainly, those who use violence as a tool (whether individuals or state actors) are ultimately responsible for the violent retribution they may in turn suffer for their actions.

When viewing this event from the perspective of one who understands clearly the nature, design, structure, and motivations of the institutional state, I can only come up with one reaction:

Cops are just mafia hit men who run a protection racket financed by theft, while extorting revenue for the parasitic ruling class.
They are therefore criminals by any definition.

Two of them are taken out by a murderous, religious kook (another criminal) who takes his own life.

So we have THREE fewer criminals in the world and no innocent, honest people hurt.

So how is that a bad thing?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Military Chaplains?

Is there a greater abomination among the human family than a “military chaplain?”

You know, the gents who distort religious scripture to excuse “the troop’s” acts of murder, torture, property destruction, and genocide?

Those who claim to represent the Prince of Peace should be pleading with their brethren to throw down their weapons and exit the military as soon as it is practically possible. They should not be pampering them and officially exempting these killers from the rules of civilized behavior.

These “chaplains” should be showing their flock the road to repentance and ultimate forgiveness, not directing others toward that spiritual dark alley of confusion and hypocrisy.
If the Devil ever decides he needs a group of individuals to act as yes men and instigators for his demonic actions, the first group he should consider is military chaplains.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters