Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Military Chaplains?

Is there a greater abomination among the human family than a “military chaplain?”

You know, the gents who distort religious scripture to excuse “the troop’s” acts of murder, torture, property destruction, and genocide?

Those who claim to represent the Prince of Peace should be pleading with their brethren to throw down their weapons and exit the military as soon as it is practically possible. They should not be pampering them and officially exempting these killers from the rules of civilized behavior.

These “chaplains” should be showing their flock the road to repentance and ultimate forgiveness, not directing others toward that spiritual dark alley of confusion and hypocrisy.
If the Devil ever decides he needs a group of individuals to act as yes men and instigators for his demonic actions, the first group he should consider is military chaplains.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters

Friday, September 6, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

‘Opposition’ by Military is Meaningless reports:

“The military revolt against the Obama administration’s plan to launch a potentially disastrous attack on Syria is gathering pace, with both top brass and regular service members expressing their vehement opposition to the United States becoming entangled in the conflict.”

I have do doubt that these folks disagree with the impending war. And I will also credit this dissent (at least from the brass) with possibly influencing Obama to reconsider. But when these killer’s masters ultimately decide to go to war, then what? Will there be mass dissent and disobedience among the ranks?

Fat chance.

“Our involvement in Syria is so dangerous on so many levels, and the 21st century American vet is more keen to this than anybody. It boggles my mind that we are being ignored,” adds former Cpl. Jack Mandaville, a Marine Corps infantry veteran with 3 deployments to Iraq.

It boggles my mind that anyone who has been conned into three, nearly identical actions is still not aware that the powers-that-be pay absolutely no attention to the grunts that do their killing. You’d think that would be obvious by now.

When the Great Leader orders “attack,” I’m betting every single one of these mercenaries will follow orders and carry out the action they were trained to do- kill people. These objections by troops on social media will become just as insignificant as the phony oaths they give upon enlisting. Their words never seem to be followed with action.

Once the carnage begins, I invite those less cynical than me to keep a look out for any more dissent. If you hear or read about any heroes who outright refuse to obey any orders to kill Syrians (whether directly or indirectly through support) and suffer the inevitable whipping from their slave master, please let me know. I promise, I will seek them out and personally apologize to every single one.

I won’t be holding my breath.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New War Wagon From the War Whores

The military industrial complex, by way of Lockheed Martin, is blessing us with a replacement for its venerable Hummer vehicles.

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is being touted as a new weapon against those pesky insurgencies that resist Uncles Sam-ski’s invasions, occupations, and bloody offerings of democracy.

“Light?” This beast weighs seven tons! It supposedly offers better bomb blast protection than the Hummer. And along with it’s improved maneuverability, invading mercenaries (or the robots that will ultimately replace them) should have no problem traveling to and entering any caves where evil doers hide out.

And with any new toys the US Collective’s hired killers procure, it’s always a rock solid, safe bet that any excuse (be it any perceived threat or new war) will justify a reason to use it.

And build them by the thousands.

Back in the Homeland, of course this means billions for defense contractors and their laboring stooges. As always, more “prick waving” and killing brown people means jobs, jobs, jobs!

And if an unexpected shortage of war zones occurs, any surplus of these death machines can be graciously donated to local law enforcement.

You can feel safe knowing that during your shelter in place, these “light” tactical vehicles will be cruising your neighborhood streets, keeping any dissenters, Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupiers from interfering with the status quo.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fascism Comes to Frisco, Tx

Football fascism has once again reared its ugly head in North Texas. Jerry Jones and his band of thieves known as the Dallas Cryboys (dubious members of that countrywide crime syndicate known as the National Football League) are moving their practice facility from Irving to Frisco- all bought and paid for by local tax slaves.

Jones has partnered with some local Frisco government gangs to pull of this incredible heist of $115 million:

*The city of Frisco spends $30 million stolen from tax serfs from the existing Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (a slush fund for developers) surrounding Stonebriar Centre mall.

*The Frisco Community Development Corporation (a corporate slush fund distributing stolen money) also agrees to spend $25 million in sales tax revenue for the project, making it an $85 million facility, which the city will own and the Dallas Cowboys will lease.

*Frisco ISD [yes, the school district] will have exclusive use of the 12,000 seat indoor facility on Thursday and Friday nights, meaning high school football teams will play there. For this privilege they will dish out $30 million of stolen money.

The only money that Jones actually pays, that I can find, is a paltry, grand total of $1.5 million a year for maintenance of the indoor facility.

This new heist by the Jones Mafia pales in comparison to what he pulled off this past decade when he conned the tax slaves of Arlington to pony up $325 million to help build his billion dollar playpen to house his millionaire jocks. But at least, in that case, the tax slaves were given the courtesy of an election to decide whether to be pilfered or not. The serfs residing in Frisco not only didn’t get a chance to voice their approval or disapproval by way of a ballot, they didn’t even get a public hearing!

The amount the city and school district will pay was approved in a flash on Monday. The City Council OK’d the deal in a closed-door session. Three city boards met within an hour of one another followed by a school board meeting less than two hours later. The voting began at 4:45 p.m. and secured across the board approval by 8:15 p.m.

There was no public input, nor has the city announced a tax hike to help subsidize the development.

Of course, no tax hike will be announced now. That would be bad marketing. Better to wait a little while until the inevitable budget deficits rear their ugly heads.

“We have a master plan in Frisco, we know where we’re going. We have visiting sessions with our council annually and semi-annually; these decisions get on the radar,” [Frisco Mayor Maher] Maso said. “What you’re seeing here is really on the tail end of our entire visioning.”

Yes, the vision of the anointed ruling class cannot be doubted in any way. No need for the mundane to question and learn details of how their money is being stolen and transferred to a billionaire. No need for them to question and dispute ludicrous promises of “economic development” and prosperity for all.

Unfortunately, after robbing both Arlington and Frisco, Jones may have even more victims in his greedy gaze. His goal is to make his Cryboys not just a Dallas institution, but a regional one:

“When you look at what we’re about with the Dallas Cowboys, it’s a regional thing, it’s North Texas.”

God help us.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bootlicker Morphs Into Shitkicker

Brandon Toy has committed the most rational, the most patriotic, the most courageous act a militarily enslaved individual can- he has thrown down his rifle and resigned from the US Death Machine:

I hereby resign in protest effective immediately [from General Dynamics].

I have served the post-911 Military Industrial complex for 10 years, first as a soldier in Baghdad, and now as a defense contractor.

I have always believed that if every foot soldier threw down his rifle war would end. I hereby throw mine down. At the time of my enlistment, I believed in the cause. I was ignorant, naïve, and misled. The narrative, professed by the state, and echoed by the mainstream press, has proven false and criminal. We have become what I thought we were fighting against.

Recent revelations by fearless journalists of war crimes including counterinsurgency “dirty” wars, drone terrorism, the suspension of due process, torture, mass surveillance, and widespread regulatory capture have shed light on the true nature of the current US Government. I encourage you to read more about these topics at the links I have provided below.

Some will say that I am being irresponsible, impractical, and irrational. Others will insist that I am crazy. I have come to believe that the true insanity is doing nothing. As long as we sit in comfort, turning a blind eye to the injustices of the world, nothing will change. It is even worse to play an active part, protesting all along that I am not the true criminal.

I was only a foot soldier, and am now a low level clerk. However, I have always believed that if every foot soldier threw down his rifle war would end. I hereby throw mine down.

Brandon M. Toy
Stryker Engineering Project Management, 
General Dynamics Land Systems, 
Sterling Heights, Michigan

Mr. Toy enlisted in the military in 2003, and after being discharged, went to work for General Dynamics. Here is his testimony:

Mr. Toy has awakened, renewed his spirit, and rejoined the human race. Even better, Mr. Toy is not satisfied with just his transformation. He has become an activist, truth seeker, and now a budding filmmaker.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Military Says ‘No’ to Nude Photos and ‘Yes’ to Killing

Playboy, Penthouse and other sex-themed magazines will no longer be sold at Army and Air Force exchanges — a move described by the stores' operators as a business decision based on falling sales, and not a result of recent pressure from anti-pornography activists.

I take the exchanges’ word for it that this move was strictly based on lack of sales and not because of the rampant numbers of sexual harassment and abuse incidents among the ranks- which is the reason I first suspected.

However a group called Morality in Media applauds the decision as a move toward more decency in our world:

Morality in Media, a Washington-based anti-pornography group, called the decision "a great victory" in its campaign against sexual exploitation in the military, and said it would continue to urge operators of Navy and Marine Corps exchanges to follow suit.

Though disturbed that military members have easy access and exposure to risqué publications, Morality in Media seems to have no problem accepting the lack of morality displayed through the actions of the US Army and Air Force.

The Army regularly invades sovereign countries in aggressive acts of colonial occupation, tortures and murders their people with abandon, robs their resources, and leaves their land poisoned and hopeless.

The Air Force is keen on releasing huge, explosive ordinance from the sky, anonymously blowing to bits any innocent soul who happens to unfortunately wander underneath their flight paths.

These truths seem to escape the morality microscope of Morality in Media, who deem racy images on paper and screen as an abomination more worthy facing, rather than the stark reality of murderous, military thugs.

It’s a shame MIM doesn’t “regularly direct national awareness campaigns to help the public understand the consequences” of war rather than work to censor bawdy representations of sexuality and raunchy language. Can the supposed “obscenity” of these activities really prevail in importance over the infinitely more and blatantly obvious obscenity- the savagery and barbarity of war?

"We had military families calling us after seeing porn on the shelves," [MIM spokeswoman] Iris Somberg said Thursday. "The exchanges are supposed to be a safe place for families to go do their shopping."

It’s a shame Ms. Somberg is also not concerned about the actual physical safety of native people, threatened daily doing “their shopping” in the numerous war zones created by the US military. I’m certain those folks are more concerned about that reality than being exposed to a rack of nudie magazines.

And isn’t it disturbing that those within the military’s ranks object vociferously to having their children exposed to such publications but see no problem supporting and raising their children in a culture of hired killers, committing acts of death and destruction on the orders of deranged despots?

"The joint chiefs of staff said we need to change the culture," she [Ms. Somberg] said. "One way to do that is to not have this material sold on base."

Ms. Somberg, you need to do far more “to change the culture” than eliminate a few magazines showing nude, young women from the view of these mercenaries. This action will not alter the reality that the “culture” you wish to change is one that fosters and rewards individual-destroying conformity, fanatical allegiance, unbending obedience, and inhuman behavior; a culture that cannot be allowed to continue if human existence and liberty is to thrive and prosper. This culture must be branded no less than uncivilized and its willing participants subject to societal ostracism.

Let us make “efforts to educate and influence on the dangers and harms” of war and nationalism to foster this far more necessary and compelling change to the "culture." Then we can deal with lesser perversities.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers
No masters