Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Imaginative Conclusions From Scientists

From BBC News:

Data from a flyby of Mercury in January 2008 shows the planet has contracted by more than one mile (1.5km) in diameter over its history.

Over it's history? Just how long has man been around to view Mercury’s history? A very short time I would say and a much shorter amount of time has he had the technical prowess to even study such phenomena. Exactly what baseline date are they using to come to such a conclusion and how was that baseline data obtained?

This story reminds me of a desperate evolutionist that conceived, through a detailed sketch, the bodily structure and appearance of an ancient bird. The evidence he used to make his conclusions was not a structurally detailed fossil but an egg shell fragment! Magic!

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Minnesota Chris said...

Kind of like how scientists "confirmed" the existence of water on Mars due to some material apparently disappearing from a trench! Now, it may even be "likely" that it was sublimated ice, but saying it is a fact is ridiculous.

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