Sunday, July 6, 2008

Christo-Fascists Warm to McCain

The pseudo-Christian Church mob is looking for the right gangster to align with in the State mob. Election time is the period when both mobs decide just who their friends and enemies are- at least for this election cycle. Both War Party candidates are working hard to impress the Christo-fascists; harping on the usual pabulum of faith, core values, and unity.

A couple of quotes from Phil Burress, an evangelical political activist, stand out:

"People are not saying, 'Let's all go out and support John McCain. It's more like, 'We have to do what we have to do for our country.' Basically, that boiled down to John McCain."

"The only evangelicals that will support Obama are the ones who haven't read their Bible, The more and more we learn about Obama, the closer and closer we get to McCain."

Since when are Christians called to serve a country? Mr. Burress seems to be the wrong one to be giving advice about reading the Bible. Apparently, he missed the part about worshipping idols.

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