Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don’t ‘Support’ Your Enemy

July 4th is another one of those times that state apologists, the yellow ribbon crowd and the corporate media bark continually about “supporting The Troops.” It’s bad enough that anyone can connect Independence Day (marking independence from the state) with reaffirming your allegiance and gratitude to that same institution. That’s seed for another discussion. The point I want to make is if you truly cherish independence and individual liberty there is no rational justification for supporting The Troops.

Who do The Troops fight for? Do they fight “for you?” This is the mantra repeated ad nauseam by pro-military nationalists. Who employs the troops and gives their orders? The state, of course. Do you give orders to the state? You do if you believe in the myth of democratic accountability. In reality, you, as an individual, have absolutely no influence on the actions of the state and therefore have absolutely no influence over the actions of the military. The Troops take orders from the ruling regime and it is that regime whom they defend, fight for, and die for. This is a fact regardless that The Troops have been conditioned to believe they are fighting for “family and country.”

The fact that the state is an enemy to freedom is indisputable. If the restoration of individual liberty is your goal than The Troops can certainly not be your ally or even a benign organization since their only priority is to defend the state that is your enemy!

Do you object to war? Who creates and instigates war? The state, of course. We’ve already concluded they are your enemy. Who actually executes these wars? The Troops, of course. Without these willing volunteers, war would be just another perverted, insane idea within the sick mind of politi-gangsters and ignorant, blood thirsty jingoists.

By “enemy” I mean some person or some collective entity that opposes your goal of individual liberty through a diametric philosophy or action. I do not suggest opposing these entities through violence. I merely suggest it is not in your best interest in the long run to support the state or its military by encouragement, gratitude, financial support or contributing in any way to their improvement and expansion. Neither should you facilitate their tasks of domination over the individual by even accepting and approving their existence.

As with all propaganda one needs to look behind all the attractive slogans, images and platitudes appealing to decency to discover the ugly, disturbing reality. Evil resides in the hearts of those who use state power to carry out their nefarious schemes. But these schemes are nothing but ideas etched on paper and in the minds of overly ambitious scoundrels. Why support those who convert these degenerate designs into reality?

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