Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rogue Rant From the Past

February, 2001:

Sent to the Dallas Morning News:

Only the government can come up with a term as absurd as “minority majority.” Leave it to a tabloid wannabe like the Dallas Morning News to be irresponsible enough to repeat the term without question (Minorities on Pace to be Texas Majority by 2005”).

Maybe government and media both will finally be honest and use the more accurate term for “minority,” i.e. “non-white.” But of course they can’t because it would expose the covertly racist activity of these government bean counters. Being a minority is a relative situation. When whites are outnumbered will they then be referred to as “minority?” Fat chance, even though they would fit the proper definition of the word. Maybe they would now be a “majority minority.” See how ridiculous this gets?

Demographer Dr. Steve Murdock claims, “If socioeconomic trends
continue, Texans, as a whole will earn less, be less educated and occupy lower-end jobs than they do today.” Can anyone but me see what a purely bigoted, racist statement this is? In other words, “if you ain’t white, hoss, you can forget having any kind of life in Texas!” Dr. Murdock seems to believe (like all good, bigoted leftists) that only whites can achieve and prosper because minorities (whoops- non-white) are precious victims of “discrimination, poverty, and lack of opportunity.” The last I heard, discrimination was outlawed many times over. The individual determines their own poverty- no one else. There is arguably more opportunity in this state than anywhere else in North America!

Of course Dr. Murdock’s solution is the same that’s been offered for any kind of social problem, real or imagined, since a light bulb went off in Karl Marx’s head- tax the rich, redistribute the wealth, punish and maybe even remove those evil whites, and create conflict among the races.

Our greatest strength is not diversity, Dr. Murdock, it is freedom! Burdening the taxpayer (white and non-white) with more wasteful and ineffective “investments” will only restrict that freedom, making it more difficult for the people you supposedly want to help succeed. Also part of that necessary freedom is not being tagged with the “victim” label, which will only discourage hard work and excuse failure.

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