Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chicken Little Digest

Thanks to STR, I was directed to a competent website that reports the latest nonsense and threats from the global warming kooks- Minnesotans for Global Warming. Despite the fact the editor does not have the courtesy to return complimentary emails, (so many Yankees seem to lack those social skills) I will recommend you check this site often.

Speaking of the GW looneys, they’re at it again. Self-proclaimed scientists claim that global warming may cause increased kidney stones. Every week now, there seems to be another goofy prediction of how "warming" will make life more miserable. I think it's a careful strategy on the part of warming alarmists.

Predicting melting ice caps and glaciers just doesn't seem to be enough to provoke serious alarm among the peasants. Perhaps if the predicted gloom and doom took a more personal approach, as to suffering discomfort in the "nether regions," the populace might be better motivated.

Next they'll be blaming global warming for the heartbreak of psoriasis.

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