Monday, January 3, 2011

TSA Allows Potential Evil-Doer to Escape

Excuse me while I get caught up……..

The TSA thugs gave a special Christmas gift to holiday travelers at DFW International Airport. Some flights were delayed up to two hours when “[T]he airport mobilized its command post while officers searched the terminals for a passenger described as an elderly woman.” Yikes!

“The Transportation Security Administration said agents spotted something suspicious when she went through a body scanner. But by the time they attempted to pull her aside for additional screening, the woman had already moved on into the terminal.”

“Which way did (s)he go, George. Which way did (s)he go?”

It would seem to me the whole purpose of viewing your naked body on the scanner is to detect any “irregularities.” When such an irregularity is discovered is there not some immediate way to detain the person in question? Apparently not. Which seems to indicate that this naked body scanner process is totally useless, inefficient, and ineffective, on top of being an attack on the bodies and liberties of sovereign individuals.

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