Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Banned in Birdville!

I recently had an experience that the contributors and readers of the Libertarian Standard might get a kick from. I was doing some photography work in a high school in North Richland Hills, TX when I found myself with a long break between customers. I booted up my laptop to catch up on some reading. The school was kind enough to allow me to use their WiFi system, so I thought I’d do some blog reading. I clicked on the “Standard’s” bookmark and this message appeared on my monitor:

“ is categorized as violence, weapons.
The requested page has been blocked by the content filter because it is in violation of the internet acceptable usage policy set by the administration.”

I thought how hilarious, considering the site’s masthead reads, “Property, Prosperity, Peace” and the material usually concerns matters such as intellectual property and rarely anything about guns- and never violence. That’s the state’s job! I would safely bet that the word “gun” has never even appeared in any entry on this young blog. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I later wondered if the Birdville School District blocks any military sites.

It’s comical to observe the hysteria the state displays at the prospect that its school captives may be exposed to ideas contrary to state gospel. Their paranoia always seems to find still new ways to expose itself. Their desperation in preventing the spread of superior ideas becomes ever more obvious.


Rob said...

When I go into the office, I will sometimes take my laptop with me, since I can connect to the hospital's wireless guest network and do some reading while I am waiting for reports to finish processing on my desktop. I was amused to discover that several blogs that I follow - including a couple written by Lutheran pastors - are blocked because they are on ( apparently passes muster.) Ironically, those same blogs are readily available on my desktop through the wired internal network.

Enlightened Rogue said...

I forgot to mention that this blog (on was not banned from viewing. I guess I’ll have to work harder :-)