Friday, January 14, 2011

Suck It Up, Marine

It seems that one of the state’s empire warriors is miffed that his sacred costume was damaged by Delta Airlines during his flight to the Homeland from Japan. It’s hard not to chuckle thinking about one of “the few, the proud” calling a local television station to whine about such an unbearable hardship. The well constructed image of the hard nosed Marine, able to withstand any challenge or hardship, definitely takes a beating while reading his complaint.

Tough luck, soldier boy. This is the work of your comrades-in-arms at the TSA. I'm sure they had a good reason for the destruction of your property just as all Uncle Sam's warriors have good reasons for killing other people, destroying their property, spying on them, torturing them and generally making their lives miserable. I'm sure this act was done "for your own safety and security." At least, that's what your comrades always tell us mundane civilians who foot the bill and suffer the abuse. This is SOP for how state agents treat those (and their property) they may encounter during their daily duties.

So, suck it up, shut up, and serve your "country."

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