Saturday, January 22, 2011

Super Safe or Super Subjugated?

The federal security arsenal will be on full display in Arlington, Texas for the upcoming Super Bowl. Agents are foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the opportunity to show off and play with their latest technological toys: four mine resistant, armored personnel carriers (got to watch out for those parking lot mines), sniper rifles with scopes, the ubiquitous, obnoxious police canines (to help herd the human sheep and set a good example of obediently serving your master while sniffing the grounds and fans for contraband), a roving robot camera called a "throwbot" (because it's so small it can be tossed through a window), and hundreds of extra agents who will be locked and loaded with shock-and-awe caliber weaponry.

The local thugs with badges may even display a few toys of their own: “Arlington police might even break out their newest surveillance gadgets, including two small remote controlled helicopters. One is designed for outdoor use, but the other is so tiny and light that it could be maneuvered inside the stadium if necessary.”

Cool! Maybe a fleet of these gizmos could pull one of those giant Yankee War Flags across the breadth of the dome’s interior or fly abreast the trained bald eagle while it flies amongst the fawning, starry eyed spectators

I’m getting a lump in my throat just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s just bile.

It’s rumored that the TSA will make a surprise, guest appearance to sexually molest randomly picked trophy wives accompanying the wealthier clientele. Well, that’s what I heard.

Heaven help us if the Chicago Bears earn a trip to Cryboy’s Stadium. If so, we have been promised to be blessed with the presence of the Messiah, himself, in all his sporting glory. I’m sure aircraft controllers will clear the busy DFW skyways as not to hinder or threaten the successful landing of the Emperor’s lavish 747-200B. Roadways for miles around will undoubtedly be cleared of serf traffic to assure the safe arrival of the Anointed One's lengthy, ostentatious motorcade.

The US police state will be sickeningly omnipresent and its cousin, the US militarist state, will be religiously recognized and glorified at this goofy event. Outside, people will be harassed, searched, prodded, questioned, threatened and herded along like the enslaved livestock they are. Once inside, they will cheer, chant, pray and celebrate how wonderful it is to be "free."

How pathetic.

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