Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Translating Tyranny

Nosey government sociopaths in fast growing Collin County, Texas have been busy harassing honest businessmen. It seems that a couple small slaughter houses are suspected of health and environmental violations despite already being cleared by Texas state regulators.

Read through this article and see if you can’t identify and translate the “statist-speak” emanating from these tyrannical busy bodies:

Government hack: “We’re powerless to do anything.”
Translated: “There actually exists a situation in the lives of free-living individuals that cannot be controlled, restricted, inspected and managed by us. We don’t have enough power to force others to do as we command. Give us more!”

Government hack: "It's a regulatory loophole they're slipping through."
Translation: As pertains to operating this kind of business, there appears to still be one shred of freedom remaining to these businessmen.”

Government hack: "It looks like the eastern part of Collin County has become a dumping ground for these under-the-radar operations."
Translation: Despite operating a legal business meeting all regulatory requirements, these businesses still have the gall to operate in our county contrary to our wishes.”

Government hack: "People move to the country to experience country life, not to live near a slaughterhouse,”
Translated: “I have absolutely no clue where meat comes from. I guess meat comes from meat factories in the city or delivered to store customers by the meat fairy.”

State gangsters, at any level, are ignorant, evil, power mad, violence loving WACKOS who should by shunned from civilized society.

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