Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Light Flashes

Dallas firm fueling change to natural gas in corporate fleets

When I read this headline I smelled “subsidy” right off the bat. Knowing the past failure of natural gas conversions I figured no one would be stupid enough to take this step if the taxpayer wasn’t being forced to subsidize it. Any fuel cost savings will be more than over run by higher maintenance costs. Even the gangster-ous, idiotic, wasteful DART was finally able to figure this out.

Why not propane, you ask? Obviously, because the propane industry doesn’t have the lobbying and bribing capacity of the natural gas industry. Politics isn’t complicated.

I think this tendency for the Audacious One to comment on every trivial event is a plus for our side.
The more time he spends on such insignificant issues, the less time he has pursuing his agenda of increased state domination. He’ll also be tempted to more often comment “off script” and without his usual electronic prompting-revealing the reality of an ignorant, poorly educated, arrogant jackass.

Sorry, Dr. Miller. Palin lost all credibility when she hooked up with a monster named, John McCain. Knowing that, it saved a lot of wasted time listening to vapid speeches. One important guidepost in judging people is with whom they keep company.
"Ron Paul- He's independent of the party machine. Right on, so am I."

What a freakin' phony.

“The company said the errors were discovered while analyzing the finances of about 50 dealerships that lost their franchise agreements.”
Gosh, do you think this ineptness in “analyzing finances” has any thing to do with the fact that GM has been going broke for years?

"If Saddam were still in charge, we wouldn't be here now."
Maybe so. But it is definite that thousands of children your age would still be alive.
Since they’re doing some “community service,” why not visit the nearest military rehab center and visit the “liberators” with multiple missing limbs.
I see these kids returning to Iraq with nothing more than the false notion that “freedom” comes from the state and an appetite for greasy food and bad music.

Human sacrifice is a sacrament of the civic religion.
Why don’t these parents just throw their children into a spewing volcano like barbarians of the past? It would be cheaper.

Since these folks claim to fight in my name, forcibly take my dollars to do so, and are willing to give their lives, this seems like an acceptable alternative.

Cheerleaders accused of taking Ecstasy, other drugs

“It takes a village, and I like the school helping parent my child."
The brainwashing is working. Many parents are willing to give at least part ownership of their children to the state. They can return the favor of “helping parent my child” by offering their children’s lives as sacrifices (see above).

They’re baaa--aack! Here they are once again offering grocery money to keep you disarmed, as well as creating a profitable market for stolen guns (steal people’s firearms and sell then to the cops).
The irrational notion that guns (inanimate objects) kill people and create crime lives on. I’ll be awaiting the follow-up story that reports what a success the buy-back was (government programs never fail) and quotes the slavish, ignorant saps that participate.
From my cold, dead fingers!

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