Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DVD Reviews

Endgame- Blueprint For Global Enslavement:
Alex Jones’ comprehensive look at the philosophies that inspire the actions of the global elites, particularly, the Bilderbergers. The one fact that Alex seems to miss is that none of these elite’s evil plans would have any success in this part of the world without the cooperation of the state to which he claims faithful allegiance.

Body of War:
Moving documentary about a paralyzed Iraq War vet as he deals with his handicap and medical problems while becoming increasingly involved in the anti-war movement. Mr. Young makes the standard mistake in believing political involvement will bring change- but he’ll get over that.

Seraphim Falls:
Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan star in this western that follows two Civil War vets fighting a long standing feud. One chases the other from the high, cold, snow covered mountains all the way to the hot dry, desert. A very gritty story with a definite anti-war sentiment.

Lake City:
A well acted and written drama of the prodigal son variety. A sometime moving testament to the strength of family unity surviving tragedy.

The Death Of America:
Author Naomi Wolf hosts a documentary on the disappearing liberties within the US. She discusses the ten points that dictators have followed in the past to achieve absolute power- all ten of which have been placed into operation in the US.

The multi-plot feature follows the lives of a number of characters- all filmed from the perspective of surveillance cameras. It gives you the strong impression that there is just about nowhere you can go in public without being photographed.

Lonely Are The Brave:
This 1962 Kirk Douglas film was just released on DVD. An excellent story about an individualist striving to live free and primitive in an increasingly conformist, controlled, technological society.

I Am David:
Fictional drama follows a young boy as he escapes a Post-WWII Bulgarian gulag, traveling across Europe to find his long-lost mother.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John:
I fortunately came across this documentary which is a real pleasure. It follows the life of a rather off-beat farmer and his trials and tribulations struggling to maintain and hold on to his family’s farm. A great testimonial to the strengths of family, community, and individualism.

Liam Neeson’s acting seems pretty mechanical in the opening minutes. But there’s a reason- his character is a no-nonsense, bad-ass, ex-CIA operative with a “special set of skills.”

Some fine CG work is marred by bad writing and acting. It made me almost glad to see the world end.
Not recommended

Grateful Dawg:
This documentary was filmed shortly before the death of Jerry Garcia. It consists of relaxed interviews and lots of great musical performances with his long time friend, mandolin player, extraordinaire, David Grisman. Playing together seemed to bring the best out of each other’s talent.

The Whole Shootin’ match:
The DVD is a restored 16mm film, supposedly one of the first from the Austin film industry. Nicely acted story about two buddies in central Texas, always scheming a way to get rich but never quite getting there.

Frozen River:
A mother, abandoned by her gambling husband, resorts to smuggling illegal aliens from Canada into upstate New York to support herself and her children.

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