Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boy Scouts Are Still Off Track

Re: Boy Scouts handbook offers new high-tech features
1) I’m an Eagle Scout (1969)

2) The Scouts seem to get more limp-wristed by the year. A GPS? A person with cow dung for a brain can operate one of these. What happens when it breaks or the batteries fail? What is far more useful is being skilled with a compass and map. One of the worthy goals of Scouts is to develop independence and self-reliance. This will not be accomplished by teaching young men to become more reliant on technology.

Unfortunately, the Scouts still promote the “God and Country” nonsense. You can’t serve two masters. The state is anti-God and God is anti-state. How can you possibly maintain allegiance or obedience to both?

And what the Scouts promote as “citizenship and patriotism” are in reality, individual slavery (through blind obedience to the ruling state collective) and bloody, belligerent nationalism (unthinking commitment to unity and common cause). Neither concept is conducive to living as free, sovereign individuals.

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