Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hypocrite on Parade

You may have seen this video posted recently at the LRC Blog. It shows a self-described Marine Corp vet speaking to his congressman at a town hall meeting about health care. Although his assertions concerning the Obama plan and Nancy Pelosi’s ignorance about Nazis are accurate, the gentleman seems characteristically confused about the US Constitution.

He claims he “swore an oath to defend my Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” He also claims to have “kept his oath.” The gentleman seems to have a very selective memory as pertains to his participations in illegal, unconstitutional war(s). The gentleman also seems completely unaware that, as a slave of the military, he has absolutely no power, constitutional or otherwise, to “defend” that useless piece of paper.

By his participation in the US military, he voluntarily and actively defended this very same rouge regime that he now whines about interfering with his health care! I guess things look a little different from the other side of the gulag fence.

The truth is, it is his participation in the enforcement wing of the tyrannical US Government that offers them the protection to project their illegitimate power (in this case, health care) over unwilling subjects. The truth is, the gentlemen voluntarily (along with others) defended this regime as it daily violated the US Constitution. The truth is, this gentlemen willfully followed all orders from his civilian and military masters as they trampled upon the constitutional rights of their “constituents.” This is “keeping his oath?”

Outrage rings hollow when expressed by hypocrites.

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