Saturday, August 9, 2008

They’re Coming For Your Children- Literally.

The military is always seeking new technological advantages on the battlefield and they also seem to have that same mission in recruiting. Reports Steve Watson of

"In the absence of a military draft the Army has turned to technological propaganda to meet it's recruitment targets."

America’s Army and the Virtual Army Experience look to reach potential recruits much younger than the typical recruiting ages of the late teens. It also may be viewed as an effective method to bypass parental guidance:

"Spokesman for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Douglas Smith, admits that the game is a recruitment tool stating “parents are less likely to encourage their children to consider military service."

No kidding. Maybe it’s because parents tend have the better interests of the children in mind. After all, their children belong to them.

The state will prey on any emotion to convince you of its worthiness. They prey on the gullibility of young people, minds easily captured by alluring entertainment. They play on your loyalty to family and community to get you to enlist. They then take advantage of your loyalty to soldier colleagues to keep you killing.

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