Monday, August 18, 2008

The State “Fights” Crime With More Regulations

You know state hoodlums are serious when they appoint a “task force.” This is what Dallas City politi-gangsters have done in an effort to counter the huge number of crimes committed at convenience stores.

One recommendation is “establishment of minimum standards for store surveillance camera systems. Local convenience stores would be required to have at least two color, high-resolution cameras set up, along with video storage and recording systems.” I guess criminals will not operate as efficiently knowing that the store is taping them with not one, but two camera! Government’s solution to crime used to be hiring more cops. That didn’t work so the fad now is to install cameras everywhere.

Look at the photo included with this post. Here was a crime caught on camera, in color, with excellent sharpness. Did this prevent the crime from taking place? Hardly. Did it assist investigators is finding the perpetrators. I seriously doubt it. The robbers wear hoods and have their faces covered. I guess a clerk blessed with super-human quickness could grab one of the cameras and throw it at one of the robbers. That certainly would have given him/her more of a chance of preventing this particular crime.

The state is so determined not to allow individuals to protect themselves that they will risk looking stupid and ridiculous to anyone thinking rationally. Criminals are predators. They prey on those weaker than they. They prey on those who don't offer a defense that can counter whatever method of force used by the predator. The only way to prevent and “fight” crime to is offer an equal or superior force against the predator. The most sensible way to do this is to arm clerks with side arms and train them how to use them. More than likely, any predator who notices that his potential prey can adequately resist his aggression and even harm him will have second thoughts about his planned crime. If said criminal lacks this wisdom the armed clerks have the option of sending his ghetto monkey ass to hell.

Go into any gun shop and you will notice that all the employees have side arms on their belts. Ever hear of a gun shop being robbed? You’d have to look far and wide to find one.

The state is always offering some new technological fad to counter crime. The only technological solution to crime is individuals resisting with well aimed projectiles of their own.

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xelent said...

I couldnt agree more... The choice to use cameras here in the Uk is way out of hand... But can an individual carry a weapon to protect themselves... Not a chance... Carrying said weapon carries a mandatory prison term... So guess what, violent crime is soaring...

Personally I think it has more to do with the State making the citizen weak and pliable... And jack to do with personal safety... hence more cameras to check on our sorry asses...