Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Them Chains (and they ain’t the kind you can see)

The “love it or leave it” attitude of devoted militarists and state apologists exposes more than their ignorance but also a dangerous, slavish attitude that will only lead to complete bondage.

US state supporters always counter any exposure of that institution’s crimes by professing that “things are a lot better here than elsewhere in the world” That may very well be true but for how long? Dismissing admitted state injustices and pooh-poohing knowledge of increasing state attacks on individual liberty will move us all closer to the inevitable- enslavement.

An immediate response must be initiated when individual liberties are threatened in any degree by the state. What better time to start resisting than when you still have a moderate amount of freedom to do just that? You have more room to move within the chains that already bind you. The idea is not to wait too long to resist. Hesitation means those ever tightening chains will become so tight as not to allow you the room to maneuver into any kind of resistance. The “boiling frog” analogy comes to mind.

Never hesitate to identify and counter ANY action by the state that threatens ANY degree of liberty. The time to resist is always NOW!

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