Thursday, August 7, 2008

One’s Man’s Experience With His Local Rulers

A reader passed on his recent experience with the local land/use property zoning commission. It illustrates the futility of rendering justice from a state that regulates itself:

We started out with "The Pledge". I can't swear fealty to a 3 color piece of cloth and the government so I avoided that part. I would swear to uphold the Constitution, though in my military experiences I really was only following orders to achieve a personal goal.

Any way, last night the county sent a bureaucrat to our township meeting to back up the township's claim to wanting control of the homeowners' property. I mentioned the 14th Amendment and that was poop-pooped by the officials. Then I explained that when I "own" my property but the government controls it, it is defined as fascism. No denial (most of the people don't know what the word means), only, "that's what government has to do.” I asked rhetorically if anyone at the meeting thought their property taxes were too low, directing the question to the township board members and the attending bureaucrat. No one defended the taxes they are paying as too low, all agreed with me that our taxes are too, too high. They still insisted we need more Central Planning. I asked about the collapse of the Soviet Union but no one seemed to understand the relationship between my question and the purpose of our meeting, except the bureaucrat.

The only thing I seem to be accomplishing is an internal agitation that causes me to lose sleep, probably affects my physical and mental health, and irritates some of my neighbors. We are not drifting towards socialism, we are running full speed into it's welcoming arms. Our educational system (for lack of a better word) has done a superb job in just a 100 years. Selfishly, I'm only glad I'm old. I won't have to put up with the BS as long as you youngsters.

Jack Darsnek

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