Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Expatriate's Point of View by Capt. A.

Capt. A. , who lives in Europe, is a regular email correspondent who made a great response to my "The Military Lies" column. I thought it worth sharing with others:

Americans as a whole, inculcated in government-controlled school systems and tribal thought control groups, aren't about to change! I speak not only as a 26-year U.S. naval officer but also as a witness to some very egregious acts I personally witnessed while serving. I loathe and have great disdain not only for the U.S. military but the U.S. government as well. I left the U.S. nearly thirty-years ago to reside in Europe. (Mostly a socialistic hellhole). True, real freedom and liberty are achievable by degrees only in Switzerland, Monaco, Campione, Andorra and a handful of other venues (Very expensive!). The world as a whole is NOT free and I personally don't ever see people choosing such. Having traveled worldwide and witnessed first-hand, I see very little hope for the "iron fist" of governments to ever allow real freedom, liberty, private property rights and privacy to gain way. The yoke of subjugation is so real that the only real dilemma is how far an individual will wrap themselves in the blanket of "denial" to survive. Hypocrisy unfettered is patently available to all people who toil in patriotic flim-flam and government confidence games, and soon relegating personal responsibility to the dust bin.

You will continue to lose your "freedom and liberty" only now at an even greater rate. If you have children they too will be increasingly damned to live in America, a country that NEVER was truly free from its inception. Only "smart" people will seek out and defend their individual sovereignty. The rest will bask in government provided hell - that only non-thinking slaves could and will endure. I pity the poor bastards! C'est la guerre...

You are in the hands of the philistines, living in America. You already know this. So as Karl Mauldin used to say, "What will you do ... what WILL you do?"

And therein lays the real truth. Take care of yourself and the ones you care for -- and about.

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