Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Not Being ‘Evil’ Does Not Mean Being Foolish

Clearing up some confusion about what is “evil”:

We all know the saying about the ineffective way of solving a problem- “Treating the symptom rather than the disease.” It makes perfectly logical sense that treating and eliminating the cause of the problem is the only completely effective way to eliminate any resulting symptoms. However, while going through the process of treating the “disease,” we certainly don’t want to ignore the resulting, existing symptoms. Why? Because those symptoms, if left untreated, can cause still additional problems.

It always seems easier to immediately treat the symptoms of a problem rather than the cause. The symptoms tend to be easily identifiable while the cause may not be readily apparent. But does that then mean you should ignore these obvious symptoms while seeking to identify and eliminate the cause? Hardly. The trick is not to forget seeking the cause (if not yet known) or eventually eradicating it (if known) while immediately dealing with the resulting symptoms.

When you have a cold (cause- virus attacking a weak immune system) you may suffer a bad cough as a symptom. You certainly attack the cause with actions to strengthen your immune system (good food, supplements, rest, etc) but you also, in the meantime, attack your bad cough/symptom (with medication, supplements, etc.), which left untreated, may cause further problems, such as spreading germs to others, making work and communication difficult, etc. Treating this symptom will not end its cause but will certainly make the symptom more tolerable and help prevent further, resulting problems.

Yes, drug prohibition has a lot to do with that heroin junkie who needs his fix so bad that he his now putting a gun to your head, demanding your money. This truly criminal act can be argued as a symptom of prohibition, but do you ignore that symptom and criminal act and excuse it for being just a symptom and not the cause of his criminal act? No, you defend yourself with whatever force you have at hand. You still condemn prohibition, but in the meantime you actively defend yourself against violent, parasitic junkies with whatever force is available. By defending yourself, you’ve essentially moderated a symptom of the initial cause (prohibition) and prevented further problems (crime against your person and property and the resulting loss of your money) by attacking that symptom.

The welfare/warfare state is the ultimate cause of the mass migration of mostly, illiterate, unskilled, third world individuals- “immigrants” and “refugees.” The wars of empire cause them to flee and generous welfare states offer attractive destinations. You, the tax slaves, are further fleeced to support such migrants after also paying for the wars that inspired their migration.

Do you simply whine about supporting these parasites (the immediate symptom) and only illustrate the cause of their plight (the welfare/warfare state)? That would be foolish. You do whatever possible to moderate the ill effects of the symptom (parasitic migrants) to prevent still further problems (crime, tax increases, cultural destruction, etc.). You continue to condemn the causal welfare/warfare state, but also work to remediate and even prevent the resulting symptomatic migration. It only makes sense to do so.

Screaming at the god-State, “B wouldn’t be happening if not for A!” will not help you deal with the immediate problems represented by B. A is systemic and highly resistant to immediate change or abolition. The problems created by B can be dealt with immediately and quickly.

Treating the symptoms of any problem will not ultimately correct its cause, but it will help lessen suffering from those symptoms and help prevent still further problems. There is certainly nothing “evil” about that. It’s just common sense. And it’s certainly not “violating property rights” to defend yourself against those who aim (wittingly or not) to violate yours! You are instead defending your person and property against the true “evil” of parasitic invaders created by a truly “evil” institution that also does not respect your person and property. Why welcome still more violent statists to abuse you and your property and potentially even rule you?

A two-pronged approach of dealing with the symptoms as well as the cause is the most rational approach to fighting statist nonsense. Lessening the impact of the symptoms (crime, parasitism, forced integration, cultural degradation) allow you to retain the time, resources, and cultural allies to ultimately eliminate the cause (the welfare/warfare state).

Which brings another wise saying to mind: “An ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.” Another possibility is “Fences make good neighbors.”

When both cause and effect are your enemies, why not fight both?


Kent McManigal said...

"Treating the symptoms of any problem will not ultimately correct its cause, but it will help lessen suffering from those symptoms and help prevent still further problems."

However, if treating the symptoms makes one comfortable enough to forget about the cause, the cause will stop being responded to. And this is what I see happen time after time. People only squeal about the symptoms as long as they are uncomfortable, but if you can make them comfortable again, they refuse to think about the cause until they are once again uncomfortable. I want statists to suffer from their poor choices.

It's a difficult mess, to be sure.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Kent- I mention early in the post, “The trick is not to forget seeking the cause (if not yet known) or eventually eradicating it (if known) while immediately dealing with the resulting symptoms.” I probably should have repeated that about five times in bold letters.

Unfortunately, when statists “suffer”, we ALL suffer. We live in a collectivist pit, after all. When the masser throws his hot tar into the pit, well ALL get burned.