Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"But all the leftist sects agree – they have found the revealed truth, and imposing it upon the benighted normals like us is so transcendently important that they are relieved of any moral limitations. They are ISIS, except with hashtags instead of AKs, committed to the establishment of a leftist caliphate."
Kurt Schlichter

"What we are seeing is another manifestation of ego-centered celebrity politics. This is the problem with voting for brand over substance. It’s a common marketing gimmick that states if people recognize the brand, they’ll buy it without reading the ingredients. Americans these days look like walking billboards for shoe companies, clothing outlets, and various other things they believe give them an 'identity'. Now they’ve latched on to a man who says he will make them 'great' again, yet, we have seen nothing but great ego demonstrated. To wit, where is the emphasis on the REAL issues?"
Jack Perry

"Apart from employees of the executive branch, or active-duty members of the military who have been called into service by Congress, no American really has a 'president.' The office was intended to be peripheral to the daily concerns of Americans, rather than the central focus of their existence. What a wonderful thing it would be if Americans of all persuasions adopted the motto 'Not My President' — and then learned to regard the state itself with the proper mixture of hostility and contempt."
William N. Grigg

"Dealing with individuals is the only possible way of reaching and effecting change within systems. All systems are, after all, composed of individuals. Systems, collectives, groups, aggregates are just concepts and concepts don’t think, feel, speak or dream; only individuals do.
All types of group supremacy, in the form of specific groups or as an unconscious conceptual system, are made possible by authoritarian political, social and cultural structures. The solution is to stop making all forms of authoritarianism possible, and that includes the most authoritarian for of all; statism."
Garry Reed

"ISIS are nothing more than inbred sand people who have memorized a book that keeps repeating, Convert or die.' They are basically Koko the gorilla in a terrible mood."
Gavin McInnes

"There is not a U.S. administration since WWII that has not had killers at its helm. This is who they are. This is what they do. Killing is their stock in trade. Trump has already killed. They are all vitally interested in maintaining and using their powers and forces to kill. They are all vitally interested in having Americans support them in their killing."
Michael Rozeff

"Of course, the US is morally superior to everyone. The millions of peoples we kill and dislocate are proof of our unquestioned moral superiority. Every time we bomb a wedding, a funeral of the wedding guests, a children’s soccer game, innumerable hospitals and medical centers, schools, farms, public transportation, we exceptional and indispensable Americans are demonstrating our moral superiority over the Earth. Only the morally superior can commit vast crimes against humanity without being held accountable."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Renewables do not work. They are a fail. They are an imposition on the consumer, based on a pack of lies invented by anti-capitalist green loons, embraced by corporate shysters, endorsed by ill-informed politicians, promulgated by politically motivated environment and energy correspondents who aren’t doing their job as journalists, and swallowed by brainwashed victims of a dumbed-down education system who are too thick to know better. They are unaffordable, environmentally destructive, morally wrong. The people who make money out of them should retire to their studies with a bottle of whisky and their service pistol and do the decent thing (except they won’t because they’re not decent people)."
James Delingpole

"We have differences -- different interests, attention spans, beliefs, expectations, strengths, weaknesses, skills, habits, languages, etc. The real goal is to be treated equitably and fairly, not as identical interchangeable units.
In an era of massive customization -- of media, products, art, and experiences -- why should we be stuck with one-size-fits-all governance?"
Arthur Brock

"With scarcity artificially raised by tariffs and other ‘protections’ – with abundance artificially reduced by these measures – the people must, as a result, work harder in order to consume the same amount of goods and services as they consumed before, or, if they work as before, settle for consuming fewer goods and services.
Protectionists observe the greater work effort and conclude that this greater effort will cause the people to become more prosperous. Free traders observe the greater work effort and recognize that that this greater effort is the consequence of the people being made less prosperous."
Donald Boudreaux

"There is only one libertarian answer to trade: it should be left to market participants.  What does this mean in this world?  Reduce import tariffs to zero.  Nothing more is necessary.  For those who fear that the US will be flooded with imported product and will, therefore, lose jobs, rest assured – those dastardly Chinese and Germans will have to spend those dollars somewhere – and that somewhere is in the good old USA."
Bionic Mosquito

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