Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Nobody on TV seems prepared to face the truth, which is, these stupid kids are rioting because it’s really, really, really fun. That’s it. The same was true of the Rodney King riots and the riots in Ferguson. All vandals need is a semblance of a meme for justification and they’re good to go. To pretend it’s anything more than that is to tell your rapist you’re a Malcolm X scholar in hopes that he’ll stop."
Gavin McInnes

"Real men do not desire war and average' people have nothing to gain from it.
Still, the general population, with the right amount of propaganda, can be convinced to sacrifice the lives of countless others based on a foolish masculinity contest or the idiocy of humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect doctrine. The vast majority, of course, will continue to stare off listlessly into their television screens with no opinion formed whatsoever."
Brandon Turbeville

"It has been said that every ruler builds a house another will inherit. A better way of expressing that insight is that every ruler expands the architecture of oppression, thereby fortifying the prison in which his subjects — and their children — will live. This is true even — no, especially — of rulers who supposedly have a democratic mandate to exercise violence on behalf of the collective."
William N. Grigg

"There is a big danger attached to ideas of making things better. It's a short distance between believing something is better and feeling justified in forcing everyone to follow it 'or else.'
That's the flaw with most 'laws.' Someone got a bright idea they decided would be better, and instead of trying to convince people it would be a good idea, they cheated and made it mandatory. By creating a 'law' based on their idea, they imposed it with guns.
If something is a good idea, you don't need to force people to follow it, and if you do have to force people, it's a clear sign your idea isn't as good as you believe. In fact, it's probably worthless, if not outright harmful."
Kent McManigal

"Social Media and the Internet, hailed by some as visionary tools of liberation and empowerment, are the new digital Platonic caves of false reality and noble lies. They are the vehicles where vulgar manipulation of a generation formed linguistically around the primitivism of tribal Rock music by atavistic poseurs and the monotonous dirge of Rap by nihilistic gangsters, will not be a difficult generation to enslave politically, socially and culturally."
Charles Burris

"Racism and white supremacy, like so many other ills in our world, is the direct product of statism. And statism itself is the direct product of the groupthink collectivist mentality inescapably inherent in every form of authoritarian ideology. It’s why libertarians advocate minimizing or abolishing the state as we know it by taking power from the state and returning it to the individual."
Garry Reed

"The more hopeless a society is, the more under the thumb of the government-corporate nexus, the greater the adulation of professional sports teams and the deification of athletes. It is a kind of sweaty lottery – a means of dangling desperate hopes before hopeless people who might become dangerous if it ever occurred to them that there is no hope for them."
Eric Peters

"Many Constitutionalists constantly badger everyone around them that the restoration of the document or a return to its origins will create a new yellow brick road where the government acknowledges and protects individual liberty at every turn and the central government in contravention of all human recorded history will remain small and vigilant of every predation on individual liberty.
Ad nauseum, the same parroting of nonsense learned in government obedience classes carefully and artfully disguised as civics class begun by a pledge to the centralizing instrument of mankind on the North American continent."
Bill Buppert

"Neither imperialism nor American exceptionalism have a moral basis. They are both immoral. Exceptionalism denies the entire thrust of the Declaration of Independence. That document makes clear that a nation is entitled to choose its own government without the interference of other nations. It implies through its emphasis on the like (equal) character of all men that in this regard a weak country is on the same footing as a strong country. A militarily strong America has no right to judge the institutions and peoples of other nations as a means of injecting itself into their countries and affairs. Neither should it take sides or favor specific nations and strengthen them at the expense of others. The notion that a state, or the U.S. state in particular, has some sort of a Christian or moral duty or responsibility to intervene is faulty and fallacious. A government is not a missionary, and when it attempts that role the results are conflict, disputes, rancor, hostility, genocides and warfare, simply because the state’s basic tool is power and its exercise."
Michael Rozeff

"There is nothing worse than a psychopath with a desperate desire to nurture you."
Brandon Smith

"When the Great Default comes, as it will, there will be a great rethinking of the authority of the federal government. When Washington's checks bounce, all bets are off."
Gary North

"If truth can be spoken, there are only two countries in the world with hegemonic aspirations—Israel and the US—and they are the sources of terrorism. Israel terrorizes Palestinians and has done so for about 70 years. The US terrorizes the rest of the world."
Paul Craig Roberts

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