Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Not Being 'Evil' - An Addendum

Kent McManigal responded to my post concerning his thoughts to “not being evil.” Please read his response before reading the post below:


Not treating "symptoms" can create further problems that will be “fatal.” That's the point.

An outline:

Symptom- mass, third world immigration.

Cause- The welfare/warfare state.

New problems created by symptom- expanded welfare state, increased taxation and public debt, civil and racial strife, economic deterioration.

The initial symptom, easily treated (stop the migration) but ignored, becomes the cause of further problems- or if you prefer- a new set of symptoms created by a newer, different cause.

The “fatal” result? The welfare/warfare state becomes even more powerful with its response to such new problems. The state thrives on chaos and conflict. It becomes even more ensconced and still further resistant to reform or abolition. Meaning, of course, the causal welfare/warfare state apparatus (hopefully not forgotten!) becomes even more difficult to eliminate.

Thinking long term while immediately acting short term may help prevent such strengthening. The ultimately “fatal” welfare/warfare state is still there but at least you have not added the also fatal consequences of mass migration to your list of woes. And the state does not add to its repertoire of interventions to (supposedly) solve the consequences of previous interventions.

I will have to leave it up to more creative minds than mine to figure how to convince the reactive masses (with their characteristically short attention spans) to not neglect the long term cause while successfully dealing with the threatening, short term symptom(s).

Which brings a chilling thought to mind: Both Kent and I see the welfare/warfare state as the cause of the symptom we discussed. I think we might also agree that the welfare/warfare state could additionally be viewed as a symptom, generated by a still higher level cause- The Federal Reserve Bank. Such a massive, destructive welfare/warfare state would not be possible without counterfeiting central banksters.

Try to ignore the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness now creeping into your thoughts.

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