Friday, July 8, 2011

To Refuse is to Resist

In the post, “To Petition is to Beg” I pointed out the futility of political action in the cause to end war. My example given was the petition effort by Veterans for Peace to impeach Emperor Obama for his illegal actions. VFP has another weapon in their arsenal which I see as far more useful and the type of approach that can ultimately end the obscenity of mass, state sponsored war. This program is Truth in Recruitment/Alternatives to Military. Veterans speak to young people about the truth of military recruiting and offer alternatives to military service as a career path.

I can scream all I want to young people to dissuade them to not join the military and help them purge any reverence or respect they may have for this institution. I can explain to them how the military has nothing to do with “defending” anyone (except the ruling regime) and is instead a tool of US imperialism. I can point out how if they join this institution, they will not be “fighting for their country” but killing to satisfy the demonic, self-serving goals of ruling oligarchs and predatory world banksters.

However, that message is much more effective when the testimony comes from someone who was once enslaved and now has the wisdom and courage to speak out against such a decision. Not having been previously enslaved (one of the few correct decisions made as a young man) my opinions would ring hollow and weak to those already hell bent on “serving.”

Such testimony could plant enough seeds of doubt in young minds to give them pause. Shattering the myths they have been indoctrinated with since birth may just convince them to redirect their futures elsewhere.
War cannot occur without willing participants. Tyrants without armies are impotent. With no willing, obedient slaves to carry out the mission of war, power mad tyrants (politicians) become isolated and exposed for the babbling, authoritarian despots they are.

War will continue as long as someone is deranged and/or brainwashed enough to feel an obligation to obey orders to execute such action. Remember, the politicians only give the orders to commit acts of war. The military does the actual damage.

Too many individuals are still lost in the paradigm of reverence and respect for the military as an institution. Until that critical element changes, the killing will continue. Until military supporters are marginalized and ostracized to the outskirts of civilized society (where they belong) the carnage will continue. Until people associated with and supporting of the military learn to think as empathetic human beings rather than loyal, faithful, nationalistic subjects, the destruction will continue. As long as people maintain an allegiance to a criminal state and its obedient, standing armies, the murder will continue.

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