Monday, July 18, 2011

Potential Terrorist Caught

In the post, Delta Gives Discount to Terrorists, I claimed how military slaves shouldn’t even be allowed to fly, let alone get discounts. I outlined the reasons why they are justifiably a high risk, considering their occupation, blind obedience to orders, unstable personalities, and penchant for violence.

MSNBC reports, “Police in Arizona have arrested a U.S. soldier after he attempted to board a flight to Los Angeles with a small amount of high-velocity plastic explosive in his baggage.” Easy access to explosives, of course, is another good reason any such slaves attempting to fly should be given extra security consideration.

The report states, “Authorities found no evidence that he intended any harm with the small amount of explosives in his possession.” Well, of course. If your intent is to do harm and you are caught before you can do so, you sure as hell don’t admit to it. If this were a civilian who was caught with such an explosive do you believe he would have been given such consideration? He, of course, would be rotting in some gulag somewhere or at the very least, put on a no-fly list. You can be sure though that this idiot will not suffer such a fate, but rather can look forward to future discounts!

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