Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
"The only conceivable merit relating to majority rule lies in the fact that if we obtain monopoly decisions by this process, we will coerce fewer persons than if we permit the minority to coerce the majority. But implicit in all political voting is the necessity to coerce some so that all are controlled. The direction taken by the control is academic. Control as a monopoly in the hands of the state is basic."
Robert LeFevre

"From a structural, legal perspective, the ratification of the Constitution arguably represented an endorsement of some of the least libertarian ideas that were on the table at the time. Assume, for a moment, that United States military action against Libya is perfectly legal. Then what? Are we as anti-imperialists who want to see an end to murder and occupation to simply throw up our hands and concede that if it’s legal, it’s permissible?"
David S. D'Amato

"Forcing people to obey an ethical structure against their will may provide an illusion of a free society for a short while, but the force needed to make them conform is unethical. When means do not align with ends, the end will not be reached. Means are ends in progress, and so if unethical means are utilized, unethical ends will be reached. That is failure, and that is not the Voluntaryist goal."

“When the belief in either-good-or-evil is wedded to the force and fraud inherent in politics, along with the infantile narcissism and simplistic thinking inherent in the Mob, it is no wonder politics has slaughtered more people than everything else in the world put together.”
Bob Wallace

“The law is the whim of the state and its ‘interpreters’ – and, of course, its enforcers.”
Eric Peters

“A pledge of allegiance better fits a totalitarian regime like North Korea than any nation deemed the land of the free. Those who reject the Pledge are on the side of America’s founding principles of liberty and constitutionally limited government, whether or not they know it. Those who put it on a pedestal are unwittingly embracing an alien ideology of nationalist statism.”
Anthony Gregory

“The United States is a political thing, one heir to the typical failings of politics, and the almost imperceptibly slow decay of republican virtue into nanny statism and imperial hubris.
America, however, is something different. It is not the same thing as the United States that seek to overlay it and to smother it. America is an idea that precedes the US and, we like to believe, both transcends the nation-state and will outlive it.”
Gary Gibson

“Government is the enemy of resiliency for its constituents and will always elevate the most despicable in human instincts and ennoble the worst greed of all: the sociopathic need of all politicians and their sycophants to paint humanity into a corner and kill it after impoverishing their works, minds and souls. Politicians are the core evil of a system which over time always ravages the productive and empowers the parasite and the looter to live at another’s expense. This is the system that most modern journalists embrace and champion, whether they are aware of it or not.
History is nothing more than philosophy in action.”
Bill Buppert

“We are masters of the universe as customers and as compliant as lambs when acting as citizens. And perhaps that's easy to understand. The government has a gun pointing at our heads. The merchant is trying to persuade us to part with our money in exchange for goods and services. One won't take no for an answer; the other sees no as just part of daily life.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“Regrettably, America has largely ceased to exist, having been replaced by the United States.”
Doug Casey
From the Darkness:
"You raised your right hand and said 'Send me,' and today you raised your right hand again and said 'Send me again, if needed.' I cannot say how impressive your action is. It is the most meaningful display of patriotism possible."
Gen. David Petraeus, speaking to American military slaves during a re-enlistment ceremony in Afghanistan

“We praise our Founders annually for revolting against royal rule and for creating an exceptionally durable system of self-government. We can wreck that system if we forget our Founders' purpose of creating a representative form of national authority robust enough to secure the public good."
E. J. Dionne

“Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.”
From Texas Conservative Digest

"….The project of reversing the Great Society, the New Deal and progressive reform is not ideological purity; it is socially disruptive radicalism."
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

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